1. High surface finishing
2. Precision in dimension control:±0.005mm
3. Full Inspection
4. Short Lead Time

Yiyong is a international manufacturer of customized  plastic products,the production process as following :

Some of our products:

Why choosing us ?

Our raw material including: PTFE PEEK TPX PEI(Ultem) PET-P PA66 PA6 PCTFE PPS PPO POM PFA PVDF PAI PI(VESPEL SP-1). Etc

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Deposit Safe is a secure and protective cash storage container, which is widely used in stores and shops.


There is an opening for coins;

Deposit safe is anti-drilling, anti-burglar and anti-force;

Mechanical Lock + key, double protection is included;

Customization of design and sizes are available;

When the door is locked, money can only be put in but cannot be taken out unless with correct codes;

There is an emergency key for emergency situations .

Deposit Safe

High Security Burlary Safe Box,Safe Electronic Safe,Safe Deposit Lockers