Cree Develops LED Lamps That Replace 60W Incandescent Lamps

LED replacement incandescent lamp is no news, their shape is very different, but the TrueWhiteLight CREE this time with the ordinary 60W incandescent lamp for the user is difficult to distinguish the shape.

TrueWhiteLight looks like an incandescent lamp

If a new technology hits a slogan like “Thank You Edison, we will follow your steps,” you must think that this is really arrogant, but if the technology is from the LED maker - the CREE family, then you must I would like to study the reasons for this.

The reason why CREE has such a bold slogan is precisely because of the successful development of a new type of LED light bulb - TrueWhiteLight, CREE claims that this light is the closest to the standard version of the 60W incandescent lamp, which fully meets the needs of the US Energy Star to replace the 60W incandescent lamp. Claim.

“This is a major milestone for the industry,” said Chuck Swoboda (CREE Chairman and CEO). “In this trial of low-cost, energy-efficient LED competition, the industry has forgotten that LED lighting should be replaced by The technology is as good as this is the first perfect replacement for 60W incandescent bulbs.” This lamp has a lumen output of 800, an input power of less than 10W, a color temperature of 2700K, a color rendering index of more than 90, and cooling fins mounted around the bottom. Responsible for cooling the lamp. CREE's Vice President, Rob Glass said: "This is the first LEDA-Lamp that meets the standards, has high output and high performance."

However, some other products on the market seem to be able to compete with TrueWhiteLight. Last year, Philips launched the 12WEnduraLEDlamp at the United States National Lighting Fair to replace the 60W incandescent lamp. Osram also launched its SylvaniaUltraLEDlamp, which is designed to replace the 60W incandescent lamp, at the show. The chairman of OSRAM and CEORickLeaman once described: It is the first energy-efficient alternative to 60W incandescent lamps on the market.”

According to CREE, there is no commercial LED A-lamps that meets the ENERGY STAR's 60W incandescent lamp standard, "especially for our products such as power level and lighting quality." A special feature is the use of lumens after 25,000 hours. Maintain at L70, that is, the lumen output at this time is still maintained at about 70%.

Regarding TrueWhiteLight's lumen output performance, there is not yet a verdict that CREE has submitted a TrueWhiteLight prototype to a third-party laboratory for testing, and the company is confident that it will pass perfectly.

CREE may also rely on TrueWhiteLight's photometric nature as the industry leader. The light engine, optical, and remote phosphor layer patents for this light fixture are all designed to have a uniform light distribution from 0 to 135 degrees, just like an incandescent lamp. Omnidirectional light strips.

Uniform light distribution between 0 and 135 degrees

Since TrueWhiteLight has such a strong technological foundation and asked when it is ready to go to market, CREE spokesperson Merritt said: "The purpose of developing TrueWhiteLight is to prove that today's technology can effectively improve the performance of luminaires. This is a demonstration of science and technology."

However, he added: "We have not yet decided if, when and where to bring this fixture and basic technology to the market, but the company will not make production licenses or sell the technology."

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