Energy conservation, prevention of light pollution, and sustainable development of nighttime lighting

Tianjin Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute Sun Yundong
Tianjin TV Technology Research Institute Ni Menglin
Abstract : This paper analyzes the causes of light pollution, involves the positive and negative effects brought about by nighttime lighting, and explores the dialectical relationship of saving energy, building a conservation-oriented society and making nighttime lighting sustainable.
Keywords : light environment; landscape lighting; road lighting; light pollution
1. The positive and negative effects of nighttime lighting
The construction of night lighting is a symbol of the prosperity and prosperity of the city. It reflects the modernization level and cultural level of the city and is an important part of the continuous virtuous cycle of the urban economy. With the pursuit of high-quality life, with the increase of people's activities at night, the night illumination of the city, functional lighting such as roads, commercial lighting, etc., these three lighting methods have become an indispensable part of urban life. Item content. With the development of landscape lighting construction and functional lighting construction, there are constantly articles suggesting its negative impact.
Practice has proved that light pollution caused by interference or excessive light radiation will affect human health and human living environment. First, it directly affects the secretion of melatonin in the pineal gland of human brain. Russian biologists have studied the human pineal gland and found that the secretion of melatonin affects the time of human sleep at night and directly affects human life. During the long-term evolution of human beings, it has adapted to the white light and the dark night in the evening. Therefore, the sleeping area must be dark at night, so that melatonin can be secreted, so that the physiological activities and microcirculation in the sleep state are in a normal normal state.
Second, glare directly kills insects and affects the coexistence of plants and animals. Austrian scientists have found that a small advertising light box can kill 350,000 insects a year. Many plants rely on insects to spread pollen. If there are no insects, it will lead to serious ecological disasters. The reduction of insects causes the birds to lose their food, and the pollination of the plants is further damaged. American ornithologists count that 4 million birds die each year from crashing into high-rise advertising lights.
In addition, excessive urban night lighting will harm normal astronomical observations, and has caused one-fifth of the world's people to turn a blind eye to the Galaxy, and it has also aggravated the energy crisis.
In the overall planning of the city, we should use high-tech means to formulate the overall plan for the development of urban lighting projects with high starting point, high standard and high level, and carry out scientific and in-depth work so that the evening landscape lighting can reach a higher level. The lack of technical content and uncontrolled blind use of light will bring negative effects to urban lighting. Unreasonable design and pure pursuit of engineering profits not only cause waste of energy but also bring about serious light pollution.
As Engels said: "We should not be too fascinated by our victory in nature. For every such victory, the natural world has retaliated against us." For a long time, people thought they would win in the struggle against nature and enjoy the industry. The material civilization brought about by the revolution. However, indifference to the laws of nature, endless plundering and squandering of natural resources, the result can only be ruthlessly punished by nature. According to the statistics of the World Food and Agriculture Organization, the total area of ​​the world's forests has decreased by 110,000 square kilometers in the past 25 years, exceeding the area of ​​one Jiangsu Province. The disappearance of large areas of forests has exacerbated the deterioration of the global ecological environment, which has affected one-fifth of the world's land. The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has doubled in a hundred years. Tang Shouzheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, shouted for the green hills and green waters of China. Therefore, we must pay attention to saving energy and preventing light pollution in order to achieve sustainable development of night lighting.