Skyworth I71(C) Smart TV Box How to install sofa butler TV application market, one-click download and installation of live on-demand and other software APP?

1, enter the sofa butler official website: download sofa butler APK installation file;

2. Copy the downloaded APK file to USB flash drive.

3, open the box, the U disk into the box USB interface. Wait a moment, the box will automatically eject U disk options.

4, select the file management, click to open

5. After opening, all the files in the USB flash drive will be displayed. Select the sofa butler installation file. Tip: Shafa text in the file name extension apk

6, click to install

07. After the installation is completed, you can directly select Open. The sofa butler has already been installed.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Sofa butler - smart TV box problem model QQ group 106679162    

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