How to make a good lighting design

How to make a good lighting design

1. Where do you get inspiration from your usual design?

Inspiration is not bound. If the good works designed by international masters must have been influenced by "Apocalypse" or "Learning," I think it is deceptive. The inspiration for design is a long-term accumulation process, and no one will have a whim. The so-called "inspiration" is just your usual knowledge telling you how to do the right thing. Things are done right, it is "inspiration."

Today, we highly value the works of those masters, whether it is Cobb's "Lanxiang Church" or Pei's "Glass Pyramid". I don't think there is any "inspiration". This is their consistent style continuation, long-term aesthetic. Literacy accumulation, it is time to "inspire" when you come. This is the experience of many masters.

Therefore, I come from the "inspiration" of life, "inspiration" from learning, "inspiration" from the travel, "inspiration" from the thickness of life." Designers must not be smart, honestly, you There will be "inspiration."

2. With your work, have you changed your understanding of lighting design? What is the current status of lighting design in China?

When I first switched from an architect to a professional lighting designer in the early years, I felt that lighting design is an indispensable element in the bustling urban life. It is believed that the color illuminates the facade of the building and produces a changing sense of light. At this time, the Chinese urban society has generated a large demand for the nighttime light effect, which is at the right time. This is the first experience for the lighting design. However, the development of this industry is very unexpected. Today's lighting design emphasizes “accuracy”, “personalization”, “culture” and “targeting.” There is a higher demand for lighting designers. There is a limit to energy saving and low carbon for the performance of “light” in cities. More companies, real estate companies, and government agencies are aware of sustainability and realize that today's investment will no longer be “green”.

By the same token, today's lighting designers need to have a more comprehensive knowledge system. It is no longer a stage where you will be able to work with projects, understand materials, and understand electrical appliances to be competent lighting designers. Today's lighting designers need you to be a comprehensive "generalist," and need to increase aesthetic and cultural education based on understanding materials, optics, and electricals. This is an upgrade to the requirements of the industry.

Let's talk about a mature lighting design market, which needs a perfect competition mechanism. It needs academic leaders, designers' smooth channels, and the owners who grow up with us, and the industry authorities that constantly develop corresponding supporting management service mechanisms. . I hope that the SouFun designer channel can make more efforts in the service of the designer and the development of the design industry.

3. Most ordinary people don't know much about lighting designers. What kind of career do you think lighting designers are? What should be done to be a good lighting designer?

This problem belongs to the perception of a "design category." The first thing to say is what the lighting designer does, for whom? And what benefits does the process of doing for society and the majority of the population? What are the benefits? For the benefit of society, this is a promising industry, and it is only a short-lived one that is harmful to society. Today, if I want to define what kind of career a lighting designer is, I will classify it as a kind of “creating beauty, bringing sustainable development, orderly integration, and more society to the public. Contribution to the profession."

When people didn't pay attention to lighting design before, many lighting design work was done by architects, interior designers and landscape designers. Although many design institutes and large-scale design companies have electrical and electrical engineers, these are classified as “building physics”. It is equivalent to a building with HVAC design, air-conditioning design, water supply and drainage, electrical design, and fire protection design, but in the comprehensive energy conservation of the building, such as how to obtain the international "Lide" energy-saving building certification, how to build the building The average power drop reaches the target range, which is the weak link of the previous design institute. Today, our lighting designer came into being. He is first and foremost a loyal partner of architects and interior designers. He will combine the ideas of architects to help designers create the right "lights" and combine the architectural design to develop suitable "lamps." "; He will help interior designers calculate the precise parameters of lighting, design related lighting, and create the "human" value of "light" with interior designers. Of course, the lighting designer itself can also be an independent design community to achieve an understanding of "light." However, now we are used to "cooperative operation," integrating lighting design with architectural design and interior design. Change the backward method of “light energy-saving heavy body” and “light light heavy material”.

How to be a good lighting designer, this problem has already been mentioned before. What I want to focus on is that technology is a designer who can learn hard, hard, active, and willing to work hard, including technical parameters, design software, performance tools, negotiation and negotiation, and deepening bids. From renderings to construction drawings, It is said that after rigorous training and your determination to make progress, you can generally succeed. But how do you continue to work after technical success? How to become a "good", "excellent" lighting designer? This is a big problem. Being an excellent lighting designer is the dream of many practitioners. This approach is to increase your understanding of aesthetics, cultural understanding, philosophical understanding, and understanding of life on the basis of your comprehensive technology. "Kung Fu is outside the poem" is the truth.

4. Can you suggest to the owners that how to use lighting to create a warm living environment in life?

I want to tell the majority of the owners that "choose the right light, use the light of the right, use the light of energy, get the warm light" as a sincere wish.

What is the right light? We know that many families will find that many lights are very comfortable on the design drawings after carefully building their own warm harbor, but in actual effect, they are completely different from the design draft. The light is not bright, or the color temperature of the light is very awkward; the dark is not dark, causing illuminance. This is the choice of the right light.

What is the light of sympathy? For example, in the bedroom, we need warm colors, high color rendering, low color temperature, low illumination, and functionality to highlight the human needs of home and beauty, family skin color, and a safe environment. In the living room, we need neutral color temperature, accent lighting, and reasonable average illumination to create space. In the kitchen, we need high color temperature, reasonable illumination, and even distribution to deal with the relationship between lighting and food. There are so many different spaces that require a "comfortable" lighting design.

What is energy-saving light? Some of the high-tech lighting methods that we are popular today can greatly optimize lighting power and improve lighting distribution. Home smart control is a good way to save energy. And energy conservation is also the national policy of the general trend. Not low illumination is energy saving. It is not energy saving when changing LED bulbs. Energy saving is a comprehensive matter. It requires a lot of work for lighting designers to achieve "energy saving" lighting.

5. What kind of conditions should an excellent lighting design case have?

"Three suitable." First, the appropriate technical conditions produce precisely controlled light, which requires a close integration of lighting design and lighting design. It is best for the lighting designer to master the optical knowledge of the lighting; second, the appropriate location, such as how to integrate the lighting design into the building, The surrounding environment of the landscape; the third is the appropriate creativity, which is in line with the attributes of the building and the context of the geographical environment to make the design belonging to this design. This is the perfect combination of technology, materials and aesthetics, while at the same time taking into account the harmony of the environment, which can produce excellent lighting design.

6. How do you think that Confucianism and ancient Chinese philosophy should be integrated into the design?

This topic is very big, not a short length can be said. I am a loyal Confucian believer, and the social nature of Confucianism is to actively participate in the era in which you live, and then use the spirit of health, knowledge, and forgiveness to influence this era and promote this era. This rises to the philosophical aspect of design. We know that it is not difficult to design a good culture. It is very difficult to design a philosophy. Often a great designer is also a philosophical experiencer with universal values. In China, to achieve a perfect design, a designer needs independent personality, profound observation ability, clear discrimination ability, excellent personality charm, and complete aesthetics. Realm.

Confucianism tells us that a designer should have a sense of responsibility and idealism. The so-called sense of responsibility is what Confucian classics say: 禹 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天"This is a lofty sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, our society is too lacking now. The so-called idealism is the one that Zengzi said: "There must be no ambition, no matter how far-reaching." "When a person integrates responsibility and idealism into his life, he will be a positive design life.

We live in the era of great innovation in the 21st century. If we use and use Western culture and philosophy to carry out our own design life, it will be seriously biased. The earliest returning architect Lu Yanzhi not only mastered the Western construction technology and design theory, but also deeply understood the great charm of Chinese traditional culture. His “Zhongshan Mausoleum” was a perfect example of the new Chinese style.

Chinese traditional culture is a life philosophy, a philosophy of struggle, and a sense of mission that takes "the world as its own responsibility." It affects every aspect of Chinese life, and no one can escape its influence. Studying it is to study the "humanity", "sociality" and "the root of the problem" of the Chinese people. It can be said that in every design project that occurs on Chinese land, no matter how fascinating or distracting your appearance, how to distorted "Deconstructionism" and "postmodernism", I don't think we can ignore the value orientation and aesthetic requirements of Chinese and Chinese culture.


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