Dalian Semiconductor Lighting is among the most advanced in the country

Recently, at the 12th China International Optoelectronic Expo, the world's largest exhibition for optoelectronics professionals, Dalian Jinzhou New District won the only “Best Investment Park in China Optoelectronic Industry” award. At the same time, the first phase of the Dalian Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Park in the Double D Port Industrial Park in Jinzhou New District was officially completed, and the second phase of the project construction started. This also indicates that the agglomeration effect of the semiconductor lighting industry in Jinzhou New District has gradually begun to appear. The Dalian semiconductor lighting industry ranks among the nation's first, and it is leading the way in improving the supporting service environment and creating a complete industrial chain.

Dalian Jinzhou New District, as the core area of ​​the national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base, has taken the semiconductor lighting industry as a key development industry in recent years. Last year, the output value of the LED industry in Jinzhou New District was 1.5 billion yuan, which gradually emerged in emerging industries. In order to promote the development of this industry, in May 2009, Jinzhou New District started construction of a Dalian Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Park with a total construction area of ​​169,000 square meters. The industrial park adopts the mode of building a standard factory building, “building nests and attracting phoenixes”. It is divided into two phases to build standard workshops, of which the first phase of workshops with a construction area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters is currently in use, and the total investment of nine enterprises in the park is close to 3.5. Billion yuan, of which 5 have been put into production; construction of more than 80,000 square meters of the second phase of plant and life support area is currently under construction.

While meticulously creating high-standard hardware facilities and a low-cost startup environment, Jinzhou New District has taken the lead in introducing and developing public R&D platforms, testing centers and other ancillary service agencies to consciously guide the enterprises entering the park to perfect semiconductors. Lighting industry upstream and downstream industry chain. With the construction and operation of three semiconductor lighting engineering and technology public R&D platforms and testing centers, such as Dalian Optoelectronics R&D Center, Dalian Electronic Gas Engineering Research Center, and Semiconductor Luminescence and Lighting Engineering Technology Engineering Research Center, Dalian Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Park has basically formed. Basic research, application development, product testing, industrial trends in the midstream and downstream industries. In the upstream industry, high-purity ammonia, MO sources and other technologies are mature and have entered the stage of large-scale industrialization. Dalian Guangming Chemical Design and Research Institute and Dalian Collide Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. have research and development in high-purity electronic gas and other fields. Leading level. Dalian Meiming Epitaxial Film Technology Co., Ltd.'s products are positioned in the research and production of high-brightness GaN-based blue-green light-emitting diode epitaxial wafers to fill the technological gap in domestic high-end epitaxial products; in the midstream industry, it has achieved large-scale production of semiconductor lighting chips. The high-power chips developed by Dalian Lumei Chip Technology Co., Ltd. developed the “low-cost and high-power GaN-based flip-chip LED packaging technology.” In the downstream industries, semiconductor lighting applications such as large-screen displays and lamps have developed rapidly. The lighting system developed by Dalian Great Wall Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. etc. can be widely used in urban lighting and landscape lighting system engineering. In the semiconductor supporting industry, Dalian Jiafeng Electronics Co., Ltd. and Dalian Development Zone Holy Vacuum Technology Development Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the research and development and production of semiconductor equipment.