Low-key luxury! This protective case can make your iPhone dual screen

Tencent Digital (Compile: Hamish) Battery life is one of the iPhone's biggest shortcomings, and the screen is the most power-consuming part of the iPhone. Despite the impressive display of the iPhone screen, its performance in terms of energy saving cannot be compared with the e-ink screen. A few days ago, Oaxis introduced an e-ink screen that “sticks” on the iPhone screen. Its purpose is not to replace the existing screen of the mobile phone, but to complement the original screen.

This is not the first time we have seen mobile phone manufacturers integrate electronic ink screens into standard mobile phone designs. For example, before the Russian manufacturer Yotaphone had launched dual-screen mobile phones before and after, in which a screen uses an electronic ink screen. This time, Oaxis built a new idea for the iPhone 7's protective case. The company added an electronic ink screen to the protective case.

The shell is called InkCase i7. In addition to the e-ink screen, it also comes with a battery using a magnetic charger and is connected to the iPhone 7 via Bluetooth. With this phone case, you will spend more time on the e-ink screen, which reduces the use of mobile phone screens, virtually extending the battery life. Since InkCase i7 is connected to the phone using Bluetooth, there is no physical connection between the two, so it cannot charge the phone.

InkCase i7 is not Oaxis's first e-ink screen phone case, after the company had released InkCase i6 for iPhone 6, the two generations of products are almost identical in configuration, e-ink screen size is 4.3 inches, the difference is InkCase The i7's camera has a bigger hole. Oaxis has not yet introduced an electronic ink screen protection case that is compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Source: Digital Trends

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