Unwilling to be compared to China, Japan plans to build the world's "fastest" supercomputer

According to Japanese media reports, Japan plans to build the world's fastest supercomputer, providing a platform for the country's manufacturers to help develop unmanned vehicles, robots and medical diagnostics.

Japan’s budget breakdown shows that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will invest 19.5 billion yen ($173 million) in previously unreported projects as part of its policy to restore the country’s attractiveness in the technology sector.

The Japanese authorities are expected to send the country to the top of the supercomputer data structure heap.

Japanese engineers will initially produce a 13 trillion calculations per second, or 130 floating-point operations, at the beginning of next year. Satoshi Sekiguchi, director-general of the Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute, which makes new computers, said they learned that no other machine can outperform this supercomputer.

In the field of supercomputers, Japan aims to advance the advancement of artificial intelligence with ultra-fast calculations, such as "deep learning" techniques that mimic the human brain's neural pathway closure algorithm to help computers perform new tasks and analyze data.

The latest achievement in this field comes from Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence project AlphaGo, which defeated World's chess king Li Shishi's artificial intelligence system in March this year.

Related applications include helping companies improve unmanned vehicles, allowing them to analyze numerous visual traffic data, or helping factories improve automation.

According to reports, Japanese companies can pay to use the latest supercomputers. At present, many Japanese technology companies give related businesses to Google and Microsoft.

The new computer is called ABCI (AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure), which artificially bridges the cloud infrastructure.

The tender for the new project has begun and will be closed on December 8.

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