Small size and superior strength - Ncase M1 ITX small steel gun installed

Has been playing watching the buttocks recently, one day suddenly called a slide start, horrified video card overheating, think of the old computer used more than six years, coincided with the birth of Pascal this year, simply installed a new computer. In the original before seeing the value of Friends @ Ah Cai ITX God series, suddenly felt a sense of identity, ITX chassis compact, exquisite, the concept of the pursuit of the limit is very appetizing to me, and the Ncase M1 this custom ITX chassis It was rather long grass, so this time it was decided to take the ITX route and use the Ncase M1.

First look at the installed program, in fact, initially wanted to go X99 platform, but the current X99 platform's ITX motherboard only ASRock X99E-ITX/AC, reference to the Acacia students before the machine posted, I feel this motherboard in Some of the heat sinks and layouts are not very friendly, so they chose the Z170 platform a step further.

The main ones are these. Since NBox M1 was installed at the outset, it was also an early visit to the official website. Ncase is a unified delivery model based on a stage of pre-determined delivery. Since I initially hesitated. In a moment, the result did not catch up with the batch at the end of August. When I placed an order, it was the batch that was shipped on September 7 before September 3. The chassis body price is 185 US dollars, in addition to the chassis also comes with 2 dust nets, 4 fan hoods, a number of screws and some other rack accessories, the official freight to China 20 US dollars, sent Zhonghua postal air transport packets, the receiving address is the mainland If so, the staff will kindly contact you to provide the address of Simplified Chinese, saying that this will be faster. My time is very delicate. The week after delivery is the Mid-Autumn Festival. The customs broker will rest. If I can't get it, I can't wait until after the holiday, but I'm very fortunate to have wrapped it in Beijing on September 12th and went to Customs on the 13th for inspection. Tax-free release, and after two days of turnover, it was finally received during the holidays (however, during the holidays, it was not installed)

The packaging is very good and it avoids bumps during transportation. The white carton is all accessories.

Before the chassis Acai students have demonstrated a lot, and I will not be many, and the built-in dust-proof net mesh is relatively large, the royal capital of this dust is basically no eggs ...

6700K needless to say, LGA1151 platform performance is the only choice for performance, in order to ensure the performance out of the group, the motherboard is selected material high-end luxury interface to the future of the prodigal eyes M8i. The benefits do not have to say, and the eyes of the prodigal eyes have always been the luxury of materials, the interface comes with U.2, comes with high-end sound card, but this time the most bumpy installation is the motherboard, and later say ...

The graphics card chose the same rapturous Raptor 1070 overclocking version. Actually, my initial solution was to get full water cooling: two kinds of ideas, one is full split water cooling, the other is that the CPU and graphics card use 120mm integrated water cooling. In fact, the choice of graphics cards can only use the public version of the card, after all, Ncase the total width of the chassis is only 160mm, this generation of non-public video card height is basically up and down 130-140mm, basically no room to install the cold head, then one Water-cooled can use EVGA's hybrid cooling solution, split type is more casual, the market has a lot of choice for full coverage of cold head. However, the ensuing consideration is that the use of water-cooled or mixed-cooled solutions can solve the problem of poor cooling performance of the public version, but the public version of the 4+1 phase of the power supply is actually a bit shabby, taking into account the overclocking performance requirements, and finally The non-public version of the graphics card was selected, and the ROG STRIX 1070 O8G was determined based on faith (in fact, it was a good price for the order reduction).

I actually started with 3399 on a certain treasure. As the good price graphics card was bought back before all the parts, it was only after I got the order that I was surprised to see that this non-public size was forgotten. If such a long Ncase would not fit, , then here we have to give you the NSize official size chart.

According to this picture, the length of 297mm ROG STRIX 1070 has exceeded the length limit that can support 140mm height, a cold sweat ... However, repeated observations of the structural photos of the Ncase chassis always feel there is quantity, after a hard search Finally found that a foreigner with Reddit with STRIX 1080 O8G loaded into the Ncase, because the STRIX 1070 and 1080 dimensions are exactly the same, so the 1070 can also be installed, but the actual installation is very difficult, basically STRIX 1070 has been enough to accommodate Ncase graphics length and width The limit is probably the largest Pascal that Ncase can accommodate.

The power supply does not refer to the silver sinus SX600-G used by the Ncase M1 universally installed because some users think that this power supply has a slight whistle (like v1.1 solves this problem), and I personally think that the thief ship is a little more refined (Although it was Great Wall OEM), it chose the thief ship's SF600. 80PLUS gold full module, low load mute 0 speed fan, Japanese 105 °C capacitor, it can be said that this is a sincere pile of material, small volume Great energy.

Memory selection of thieves ship Platinum ruler 3000MHz 32G sets, originally began to see Aunt Zhang's offer went to Meiya to buy, but a long time after the order did not move, a look at the direct mail logistics company there is no customer information Waiting for me to contact (not easy to fill), after the call, the logistics company actually told me because the memory is not on the list of customs clearance items have been returned! Do you not say anything? Clearly there is a memory on the tax form. Can only say that direct mail logistics cooperation between the United States and Asia more and more irrelevant, and then had to move to purchase milk tea East 100-10 purchase orders.

Then first come a family portrait.

Although abandoning the graphics water cooling, but CPU cooling or choose one of the water-cooled program, this time chose the H100i v2 thieves ship, the original fan noise is slightly higher, so bought two owls NF-F12 replacement cold exhaust fan. In order to compensate for the air intake, two 12cm fans at the bottom of the Ncase chose Yinxin's ultra-thin SST-FW121 fan, together with Yinxin's 12cm air filter, since Assos's Raptor 1070 comes with two additional PWM4Pins on the front of the card. Fan interface can be easily connected to the bottom of the fan card, with the graphics card temperature increases to increase the speed compensation into the wind, quiet and efficient. The tail of the chassis adds an owl-sized NF-A9x14 9cm ultra-thin fan to compensate for cold air intake.

H100i v2 installed, the quality of the fastener plastic is poor bad feedback ... but the cooler row of screws below the limited bit gasket, even novice can also be installed without worrying about screw screwed through the water channel, very intimate, fins Density is acceptable, and the cat fan can be easily blown, in order to prevent the line fan blade from being fitted with a fan cover.

Then we can talk about the tragedy of the motherboard, before receiving the chassis, I first put all the parts naked to light up the test machine, and then found a black screen anyway, but the graphics card has just been bought with an old computer On the machine can prove that there is no problem, then change to the onboard HDMI port, there are shadow children! This... Is it PCI-E slot broken? This probability is too low... Later, contact ASUS customer service to try to update the BIOS firmware and modify several settings and still can't display. This proves that the PCI-E slot is really messed up... Mid-Autumn Installation Plan failed Back to the East of the milk tea replacement, but also out of stock, and waited for a week later to change back, get the hand to feel wrong, open box to see, lying all scratches used! Jingdong bought the first time for so many years to encounter second-hand goods, I did not believe it before, the key second-hand even if the point of a try, it is a defective product, than the previous miserable, the memory and CPU lights directly alarm , After smashing a customer service after the return, and then at 9 o'clock in the evening to kill a Taobao owner home to take a new board ... the owner expressed a look of ambition

Re-opening, here to talk about, Ncase M1's power connector is connected to the front power using an extension cable, the default ass power jack on the right, the middle nameplate, but in fact the two things are the same as the opening and the screw It's interchangeable.

As mentioned earlier, because the size of the graphics card has reached the limit that Ncase can load, the installation process is very painful. After a disassembly and assembly, we use practical experience to tell you that the ideal installation sequence is to first put the motherboard and then the graphics card. (Even if it is still very difficult to plug in, you must be patient and must not be tough. You must seriously consider where it is stuck and decide how to twist it.) Then you can insert the chassis front panel jumper first, otherwise After the power supply, it will not be able to go. After that, you can choose whichever you want to install. ITX chassis is compact, if you take the high-performance route, especially Ncase this space plan is bound to be more limited, it is recommended that everyone streaking point before packing, test no problem and then installed, accidental damage between the provincial disassembly.

The most unfriendly aspect of H100i v2 water cooling for Ncase is that the water pipe is black and thick and hard, and it is very difficult to bend. I'm a little sorry to use this one. It's time to install a cool mother in addition to the new Master Liquid Pro 240 water-cooled. I heard that foreign wind assessments were good. I was hesitant to buy or replace them, but then I finally figured out the right angle. For the time being, I used black and thick.

In addition, the water supply of the thieves is the cold water cooling fan to connect the cold head 1 point 2 pwm line, and then a cold head 3pin received CPU_FAN on the body can be connected to the motherboard's 9pin USB port through the Corsair Link Mini USB port Link software controls the speed and the curve, but there is no 9pin USB port on the M8i. I don't want to give up the USB on the front panel. Of course, there is a program that directly connects the miniUSB cable from the back of the chassis to the USB port on the back of the motherboard. , I'm too ugly to give up, so I have not been too sure that if you do not use Corsair Link, this water cooling can control the fan speed is not, it stands to reason that there should be thermal components within the water temperature measurement, but consult customer service and official micro-sales Bo said different, after-sales said no Link to change the speed, Guan Bo said not to be able to speed, I think it is not reliable, simply cold fan with owl comes with 1 minute and 2 lines directly connected to the CPU_FAN, cold head The 3pin power supply is connected to the CHA_FAN with 1 minute and 2 wires together with the tail 9cm fan.

The power line is a custom red super soft silicone line, plus a line comb how much better. Because the interface for the power supply is basically in the vicinity of the power supply, there is no need to worry about the routing problem, just measure the length of the wire and do not do more. Hanging points on the front of the chassis hung up on Western Digital's 2.5-inch 1TB black disk. Here need to pay attention to the thickness, if the cold row is too thick, it will collide with the cold row, so you can not hang 750 thick.

The 750 U.2 hard disk and Ah Cai's solution were hung on the CD-ROM drive. The angle of the first card can be seen to be very full. In fact, the length of the video card has exceeded the spacing of the side frame. In addition, in order to pursue beauty, the screws on the cold row racks use the self-purchased M36mm Hexagon countersunk head screws in combination with aluminum alloy red countersunk head gaskets to increase the temperament. The nameplates on the rear of the chassis, the water-cooled rack fixing screws, and the baffle screws are all replaced according to this specification.

This can clearly see the front of the card has exceeded the framework, and because the non-public card is long and wide, and the heat sink is very large, even if there is a backplane, it is inevitable that there will be a little droop, Ncase this chassis is too Small can not use the graphics bracket, Zuo Si right to simply use 22cm long screw bolt and washer nut to make a small support rod, the length can be adjusted by the nut, in order to prevent a long time become loose, specially used is the locknut The small top pin just fits in the screw hole of Yinxin fan, holding the card just right.

Because the Ncase chassis is a heat sink, my big dusty condition was not full until the chassis was full. If the bottom air enters the air, a 12cm dust-proof net is used as mentioned before. The mesh is very thin. Excellent quality, but what about the hole in the chassis? Previously, when searching for Ncase's installed experience, I saw that someone had ordered a dust-proof net customized for Ncase by a website called DemciFilter. So he looked and saw that I was actually a South African company. Dust nets vary in size by about 4-10 knives depending on the size of the model. There are also suits. I purchased the dust-proof nets for the top and side panels.

His family's air filter is a magnetic stripe with a double-sided tape attached to the chassis, and then the dust-proof net and the magnetic strip pull, so easy to remove. The mesh is very fine and worth the price. But it's not without its disadvantages. Because the magnetic stripe is thicker, if the dustproof net is stuck on the side of the back of the Ncase motherboard like I did, then congratulations, the side panel lid is not on... The gap is not big enough then the double-sided adhesive When you tear it up, you will tear it off. Of course, it will not be torn or used, but it will not fit in anyway.

I thought carefully, the back of this dust is basically the main power supply fan, the back of the motherboard is very small gap plus the tail of the 9cm of the compensation of the wind will not produce negative pressure here, so I cut the dustproof net , added 3M double-sided adhesive directly attached to the power fan.

Then you guessed what 9cm dust is the tail? Yes Yes 25Den black silk ... Originally Taobao bought a 9cm dust net, but the first hole position deviation led to screw after the net Wrinkling, there will be noisy fan blades, and other brand-name dust-proof mesh is also relatively coarse, filtering is not good, but for a long time had to be on the stockings Dafa, in the fan around the paste 3M double-sided adhesive, black wire open paste After you live, Yanbian cuts off the excess.

After installation, simply test, ASUS motherboard BIOS update to 1902, a single super 4.5G, voltage using Adaptive Mode settings 1.23, offset value +0.03, but Asus this Adaptive Mode I have not really understood, my understanding should be Offset The evolution of the model has a maximum and minimum voltage limit to avoid the blue screen offset value, do not know if there is no master can give pointers, visual inspection of this voltage should be considered not carved nor thunder. Test P95 28.9 The second item of roast chicken is stable for 40+ minutes. The maximum CPU temperature is 67°C. It is not water-cooled. The temperature of the 6700K silicone grease U is sometimes difficult to say. It would be better to open the lid and change the liquid gold, but I think Now the problem is not necessarily changed.

I wouldn't toss any other person who had delivered the childbirth. Master Lu ran around 39W and it should be okay.

Finally, look at the new machine finished the desktop bar, the old host was originally split on the left side of the table under the partition on the bottom, the space closed heat is not very good-looking, because ITX is small, so a direct treasure to buy a host Suspension brackets hang underneath, so that the air circulation is good for heat dissipation. The WiFi external antenna provided with the motherboard is just magnetized on the hanger. The old U2311H is still used on desktop monitors, but it is not enough for use. It is not a professional player and does not need to use a gaming screen. It prefers the color gamut of IPS. Two displays are placed using eagle's two-armed brackets. This time also bought a new speaker by the way, the original use of the Dell AX510 soundbar, this motherboard rarely have a good sound card, bought an innovative ZiiSound D5 (old product, stock goods, the new version is D5X ), both when the Bluetooth speaker, you can also use 3.5 line input audio, 2.1 stereo, inverted tube bass, then the flagship product sound quality is not bad.

The above is the installation experience of the ITX cannon. The first time the ITX chassis was planned, it was very interesting and the process was both difficult and exciting. I hope you can also exchange experience with more people in the future. thanks for watching!

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