Ultra-low-definition high-definition MP4 720P decoding Onda VX737 Reviews

What is the lowest price for an HD MP4? 299 yuan? 199 yuan? This is not a TV shopping channel. When Onda’s 3.0-inch new VX373 was launched, the $199 MP4 that could decode 720P video became a reality. Although the Onda VX373 does not have too many highlights in the decoding performance, the screen is only 3.0 inches, the resolution is only 400 * 240, in the definition of large-screen high-definition MP3, but wins in a small portable. Compact and lightweight body, stylish design, and has dazzling black, elegant white, cute pink three colorful colors, it is to make Onda VX373 much MM attention.

Onda VX373 head is small, but in HD decoding is not ambiguous, compatible with MKV, AVI, RMVB / RM, MP4 and other video formats, up to 720P decoding, can basically play most of the video on the network. In addition, the VX373 supports everything from FM radio, pictures, e-books, recordings, up to 32GB Micro SD card (TF) expansion, exFAT large file transfer, one-touch UI interface replacement, and multitasking operations. Below, PConline evaluation room for everyone to send this cost-effective product evaluation report, let everyone work together to understand how the VX373 performance.

Onda VX373 Appreciation Analysis

Onda recently introduced the VX5 series of touch screen MP4s, mostly with large screens and high-definition decoding capabilities, but it also brings portability issues. Portability has always been an important factor for consumers to purchase digital products. Onda introduced the VX373 with a 3.0-inch 16:10 widescreen. The small size is more suitable for people to carry.

In appearance, Onda VX373 looks relatively simple, the body is made of plastic material, the edge of tough design, but the texture of plastic material is not good. Because the water chestnuts at the corners are clear, they have a kind of snaring effect.

Onda VX373 does not use a touch screen design, its control keys are distributed on the right and top. Only the playback and volume keys are on the top of the fuselage, while the menu keys, back key, and arrow keys are arranged on the front of the camera. Compared to the same type of product, the Onda VX373 button is slightly stiffer and slightly stiffer when pressed. Interfaces Onda VX373 provides a mini USB interface / charging, TF card slot, AV output / headphone combo interface. Next to the TF card slot is the RESET button and the MIC hole. The RESET button hole can restore the system in a dead state to ensure the safe operation of the function.

Onda VX373 button arrangement is somewhat unreasonable, such as the volume button at the top is responsible for moving up and down, and the front of the arrow button is responsible for moving around. The author believes that if the volume and the direction of the arrow keys can be exchanged better.

Accessories Onda VX373 is not very rich, USB data, earbuds and instructions, and no video output line. On the whole, Onda VX373 is still able to look good at 199 yuan, the appearance of stylish and beautiful features intact, has a good price.