Application Status of LED Light Sources in Modern Landscape Lighting Design

With the development of the times, various modern landscapes have become an indispensable part of people's lives, occupying a very important position in urban construction. In the lighting design of various modern landscapes, the application of LED light source is indispensable. Therefore, actively researching the related application problems of LED light sources in modern landscape lighting design can better promote the design and construction of modern landscapes. Therefore, various modern landscapes can better beautify people's daily life and enhance their own value.

1 LED light source

LED is actually a kind of semiconductor diode. It is a solid-state semiconductor device capable of converting electrical energy into visible light, which can directly convert electrical energy into light energy. Early LEDs began to develop due to high manufacturing costs, poor color rendering, low efficiency LEDs, and constant current drive (requires dedicated drive circuitry). There are certain drawbacks compared to other traditional lighting. With the continuous development of LED technology, the continuous development of scientific and technological personnel in the LED industry, the use of new optical design breakthroughs and the development of new varieties, product manufacturing costs, electro-optic conversion efficiency and brightness have been greatly reversed, especially It is a long service life (up to 100,000 hours), high brightness, environmental protection, low power consumption and safety (low operating voltage), etc., which is deeply loved by the advertising industry and the lighting industry. In addition, due to the improvement of microelectronic technology, it is possible to control the illumination of the LED light source and perform digital dimming and color mixing. Therefore, the color change and expression of the LED light source are more unprecedented, and various ever-changing colors and forms have begun to emerge in large numbers. Thereby greatly improving the application value and artistic effect of the LED light source. Thus, in various modern landscapes, various LED light sources have been applied more widely and intensively. For example, in various square buildings, interior decoration and garden lighting, by applying LED light source according to actual design needs, good visual effects can be achieved, and the overall artistic beauty of the landscape is significantly enhanced.

2 modern landscape and light source

In the design process of various modern landscapes, a large number of applications for various light sources are indispensable. For all kinds of modern landscapes, only by combining the actual scenery with the changing light source can we better enhance the artistic expression of the landscape and achieve better artistic effects. Through the arrangement and design of various light sources, the landscape and the light source can be combined to form a mutual effect. From the perspective of traditional Chinese culture, the landscape and the light source are in a delicate balance and tacit cooperation, concealing and combining, suppressing appropriateness, fully reflecting the harmonious dialectical relationship and strong humanistic atmosphere. As a result, people can squat in a variety of modern landscapes, and with the tacit understanding of the landscape and the light source, experience the beauty of moving and changing scenery. However, when applying various light sources, we should also pay attention to the in-depth analysis of the actual characteristics of the landscape, and fully combine the actual features of the landscape and the light source for comprehensive comprehensive consideration. In order to better discover the utilization value of different light sources, and according to the actual needs of the landscape, select the most suitable light source type to apply. Moreover, with the development of the times, the design styles of light sources and landscapes are undergoing tremendous changes. Therefore, when selecting the light source in modern landscape lighting design, more attention should be paid to the influence of various factors. For example, economic factors and environmental characteristics as well as lighting effects and material textures, etc., to better enhance the artistic effect of the landscape.

3 Application of LED light source in modern landscape lighting design

3.1 Design of specific expressions

In order to better apply LED light sources in various modern landscape lighting designs, it is necessary to scientifically design their specific forms of expression. As far as the current situation is concerned, some modern landscapes are more monotonous when they are used in lighting design and application of LED light sources, most of which are single colors. But a single color obviously can't get better artistic effects. Therefore, in the specific form of expression, it is necessary to actively apply various new materials and technologies to better develop the application value of LED light sources. For example, in terms of external entities, we can use a variety of transparent or translucent epoxy or silica-bonded metal to place the LED light source inside and then apply it to a variety of modern landscape lighting designs. In this way, the appearance of the LED light source is very beautiful and the service life is also greatly prolonged due to the good adhesion of the epoxy resin or the silica gel, the low temperature resistance and the good heat dissipation.

3.2 Selection of various colors

As we have seen above, due to the improvement of microelectronic technology, it is possible to control the on and off of the LED light source and carry out digital dimming and color mixing to emit colorful brilliance. Therefore, when applying LED light sources in various modern landscape lighting designs, full consideration should be given to color factors. According to the actual characteristics and needs of the landscape, choose the appropriate LED light source color, and arrange and combine various colors according to actual needs. Moreover, with the continuous development of science and technology, the beam of LED light source is more concentrated and stable, and there is no delay to start, which greatly improves the affinity and appeal of LED light source, and also provides more design for the lighting design of modern landscape. may. Therefore, in specific applications, designers should pay attention to grasp the relevant knowledge of light color, and pay attention to color matching techniques to better design a modern landscape with artistic expression.

3.3 Choice of style and characteristics

The application of the LED light source needs to be compatible with the overall modern landscape, and the composition needs to take into account the actual situation. For different cities, most of them have their own unique cultural and geographical characteristics. Therefore, when designing landscape lighting, when applying LED light source, we must pay attention to various practical situations, different historical cultures and regional characteristics, find the best positioning, and fully exert the characteristics of LED light source. Advantage. For example, the LE.D6D.120 Jiashibo beer light box designed and produced by the electronics factory is extremely delicate due to the plastic frame, the green acrylic engraving panel and the encapsulation of the LED light-emitting diode in the transparent epoxy. Crafts, especially LED light boxes, through the output of LED power supply current and microelectronic technology control, the reasonable arrangement and change of light boxes, has won the love of people from all over the world and adds beauty to people's lives. Nowadays, the electronics factory has exported hundreds of Jiashibo beer light boxes to Japan every year, which has created considerable foreign exchange and economic income. It has laid a good foundation for “Golden Time, Four Seas, and Honghui Yingwuzhou”.

4 Summary

LED light source has its own unique characteristics and application value, and it can be applied to the lighting design of various modern landscapes, which can better highlight the characteristics and artistic value of the landscape. Through the analysis of this article, we also learned that in the specific application process, in order to better reflect the application value of LED light source, when designing modern landscape lighting, we must pay attention to various practical situations. For example, historical culture and geographical characteristics, in order to find the best positioning, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of LED light source, better reflect the artistic nature of various modern landscapes, and add more aesthetics to people's lives.

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