Perfect Dolby Touching Heartstring Jabra VOX Magnetic String Headphones

VOX is the abbreviation of Latin "sound" or "sound track", which means the sound volume, clarity and power of headphones. Jabra VOX is the leading brand of innovative hands-free communication solution Jabra Jet Developed by Lang. Jabra VOX has a unique design structure and excellent durability. Dolby's optimized sound effects ensure excellent sound quality and touch your heart at any time.
Perfect Dolby Touching the Heartstring Jabra VOX Magnetic String Headphones
Jabra VOX's sculptural shape is based on the professional in-ear monitor used by professional musicians. The sleek design is small and has an unexpectedly powerful sound that provides maximum space for performance. Powerful sound and heavy bass. Working with Dolby? to bring high-definition sound enhanced with Dolby Digital Plus technology. With Jabra's exclusive Sound App, Dolby Digital Plus, you can be full, anytime, anywhere, even on the road. A full range of sounds. In addition to sound, performance is also very good, through the application to create and browse playlists, share music, adjust the graphic equalizer so that you can adjust the sound of the track according to your preferences. Users can also pass The remote control can easily play or pause music, skip tracks, and answer incoming calls without having to find buttons on your phone.
Perfect Dolby Touching the Heartstring Jabra VOX Magnetic String Headphones
The series is made of high-grade materials and has been thoroughly tested for excellent durability and performance. The anti-wound reinforced cable has been tested to withstand a pull of 15 kg, and the SnagItTM magnet facilitates cable deployment and can be used when picked up when you need it. The specially designed ColorCore EarGelsTM earbuds fit the ear perfectly for added comfort and depth of sound. The scientific structural design ensures comfortable wearing for long periods of use. The clever magnet design on both sides of the headphone cord makes it easy Combine the headphone cable, and when you don't listen to music, you can wear it securely, which is more convenient and fashionable.
Perfect Dolby Touching the Heartstring Jabra VOX Magnetic String Headphones
Jabra VOX has the ultimate in sound and smart portability. It is designed for consumers who want to have high-quality headphones. It gives you a breeze when you are in trouble, and gives you peace of mind when you are alone.

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