Ten thousand yuan headphones only started to tell you that the headset system has å•¥

For HiFi products, the sounds that are often good are sent by the whole system, and each of them has its own name. For many enthusiasts who are new to this circle, although these names are familiar, but for The actual function is often unfamiliar, it sounds like the name of the high-end atmosphere and its own work content can not be understood literally.
Nowadays, many friends have begun to pay more attention to the earphone device. Many friends around have started to make earphone enthusiasts. For large-size headphones, these devices are basically composed of a complete set of devices to make excellent sound. For these devices in the system, many fans are also a choice of fog. Recently, many friends have asked me the meaning and role of these professional terms.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
Many enthusiasts feel that the more system equipment they have, the better, but there are also many old burners who have been emphasizing "multiple incense burners", how to build their own systems, expensive integrated products and two cheap splits. Which is better in design? Even for your own needs, what kind of products should be purchased so that many of the friends who are just getting started are confused.
Although it is possible for each enthusiast to know what equipment is needed for their system or the system to be built, it is better for these devices to understand their actual role, so that they can understand more clearly whether they are really It is enough to need these equipments or an all-in-one machine.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
Headphone Amplifier is a headphone power amplifier. For many professional and enthusiast large headphones, these headphones are not very good for ordinary portable devices in order to have better detail and control. The driver, so an amplification device is needed to amplify the signal and power, which is what the amp is all about.
In fact, not only the amp, but also the amplifier, let's take it together, hereinafter referred to as the amplifier material. For the speaker, it is actually the biggest factor in determining the sound quality, because before the speaker, it is transmitted in the form of signal. Compared to the last step of the physical conversion of the speaker, the loss is very small.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
However, different speakers have different parameters. For many consumer products, because the average consumer can drive well, the headphones use high sensitivity and low impedance speakers, and the speakers also use built-in digital amplification. The practice of the power amplifier module can really make consumers plug in, but many consumers also find that high-end speaker products are not so "approachable", there are many high-impedance, low-sensitivity products in the headphones, most of the speakers High-end products are also passive design.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
For headphone products, the high-impedance and low-sensitivity design is first of all because high-end headphones are mostly full-size moving coil units, and low sensitivity is necessary for overall sound control, and for large-size moving coil units, because The diaphragm itself cannot guarantee the ultra-thin thickness, so it is often impossible to reduce the sensitivity. Only enough current can drive it smoothly. The high-impedance design can better filter out the noise in the signal, and if it is driven The voltage is sufficient, and the high impedance will bring a higher conversion ratio.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
And the last thing to say is that headphones and speakers are different. Common speakers have only two impedance matching: 4 ohms and 8 ohms, and a small amount of 6 ohms, but they are nothing more than these three. But the headphones are different, from Tens of ohms of impedance can be seen to 600 ohms, so there is a problem of impedance matching. There are also headphone amplifiers designed for different impedances on the market. Users also need to choose the amp according to the actual situation of their headphones. If even impedance matching is difficult to guarantee, then it is not necessarily more expensive, the better.
Digital signal, analog signal
First, let's talk about what is called a digital signal, what is called an analog signal, because this is also the basis of the audio system.
Digital signal is a digital representation of a discrete-time signal, usually obtained by an analog signal. For the audio field, the simple explanation is that the analog signal can be directly amplified by a link speaker. The signal that is heard, and the digital signal is a signal that must be converted by the DAC to an analog signal.
Traditional CD player
The traditional CD player is an overall sound source. It can also be said to be a turntable with a built-in decoding part. As for the meaning of the decoding and the turntable, it will be interpreted below. The traditional CD player is also the most common audio source device, relatively simple and has Good sound quality.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
However, there are some problems with the traditional CD player, such as small playability, external decoder will waste some functions of the device itself and so on.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
The meaning of DAC is: Digital to analog converter (English: Digital to analog converter) is a device that converts digital signals into analog signals (in the form of current, voltage or charge). A common use of digital-to-analog converters is in music. In the player, the audio signal stored in digital form is output as an analog sound. The digital-to-analog converter sometimes reduces the accuracy of the original analog signal, so the conversion details often need to be filtered so that the error can be ignored. The connection method of the DAC is also Its function is the same, digital signal input, analog signal output after conversion, the decoding part plays a very important role in the audio, the level of decoding directly determines the quality of the final sound, and the decoder is actually ubiquitous, and Not necessarily an independent high-end audio device, we commonly use mobile phones, MP3, it can be said that as long as there is a headset jack can play MP3 files, all have decoders.
The turntable generally refers to a desktop CD player without analog output. This product only has a digital signal output interface, that is, coaxial, BNC, AES or optical fiber. Without the analog output, the digital signal interference of such products is smaller and purer, and For many high fevers with external decoders, this kind of pure digital output turntable is preferred.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
But now there is a new kind of turntable product, they are generally called "digital turntable". The file medium read by the turntable is not a traditional CD disc, but a sound source file used by the computer, such as the common MP3WAVFLACAPE, etc. For the recently emerging PCHiFi, the digital turntable has a huge advantage over the computer. Because of the complex structure inside the computer and the serious electromagnetic interference, the signal quality of this digital turntable is obviously better.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
The digital interface can be said to be a digital audio source product that has only recently begun to emerge. It is also very popular because of the increasing number of PCHiFi users. It can even be said that the digital interface is now almost a product for every PCHiFi player. Digital interface products, like other audio source devices, have different choices regardless of price. Of course, as a digital sound source, the difference between good and bad and the same as the turntable is huge.
Regarding the decoder and the amp, it is necessary to mention the peripheral accessories, the wire even the power supply and the shock absorber, etc. For these devices, at least the signal line is a must, and many fans like it. Buying some enthusiast-grade wires, the price is very expensive, and the role of these wires is never denied, but for their own equipment, it is appropriate.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
First of all, the wire itself is a device for subtraction. It is assumed that the signal output from the decoder is 100 points. After the plug connector is reduced by a few points, the wire is deducted, and the plug is reduced to a few points. The role of the wire is to make this number reduced as much as possible, although the wire itself has the same style as all audio equipment, but in general, the more expensive the wire is certainly more efficient for signal transmission.
Shock absorbers, power supplies, will also be useful, but in terms of headphone systems, whether you need or need expensive shock absorbers, this is a matter of opinion, if your headset system has tens of thousands or more than 100,000 yuan So, tossing and tossing shocks is also a good idea, but for systems with insufficient levels, it may be better to put this money into large pieces.
Ten thousand yuan headphones just started telling you that the headset system has å•¥
For peripheral equipment, many enthusiasts attach great importance to their peripheral equipment, but in fact, it depends on their own equipment level, appropriate investment, if the "soy sauce is more expensive than chicken" then the improvement is definitely not as good as replacing your speakers, amplifiers The sound source even adds a power processor.
In fact, for all industries, if you really want to go deep into the name, you need some basic knowledge accumulation, and the idea that each person plays in the process is actually a matter of opinion. In fact, this article is also the author. Out of the author's own ideas, many people may not be the same concept and understanding of the equipment and the author, personal experience, a welcome statement, welcome to discuss.

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