What is the effect of the god Y1J? 【Photo】

In general, we use color for display or television to measure their performance, and for projectors, in addition to color performance, there is a very important parameter - brightness, and the brightness is determined by the lumens. The so-called lumen is a physical unit that describes the luminous flux. Because the principle of the phenomenon of the projector is not the same as the ordinary display, we will pay close attention to the brightness parameter when we understand the projector. For Y1J, for example, it can provide enough brightness with 500 color lumens. Let's take a look at the effect of an East Custom version of Y1J.

Very bright and clear, experience 500 color lumens

In general, when we use the projector, we will close the room or the living room window as much as possible to obtain a relatively dark space for the projector to deliver the picture. The projector with insufficient brightness is difficult to have enough even in a dark environment. The brightness of the screen to put in, the imaging effect is even less satisfactory, and the god painting Y1J has 500 color lumens, from the actual projection effect of the god painting Y1J, the god painting Y1J display is very good, in the light of the environment Clear and dark details of the picture can be clearly restored, and the color and depth of the picture are very clear.

God Painting Y1J Play Effect 1

God painting Y1J playback effect 2

God painting Y1J play effect 3

God painting Y1J playback effect 4

The god of painting Y1J's 500 color luminosity can achieve such a display effect, mainly because the color brightness calibration method of the god painting Y1J is not the same as the brightness calibration method of an ordinary projector. Ordinary projectors use all white when calibrating machine brightness. The screen is calibrated, and the god Y1J is calibrated under a variety of color screens. Therefore, although the Y1J painting has only 500 lumens of color, it is equivalent to 2000 lumens in the brightness of an ordinary projector.

God painting Y1J configuration full resolution

In addition to the excellent brightness performance of 500 lumens, the god YIJ is also equipped with a high-profile hardware configuration. Among them, the god YIJ uses a Cortex-A9 processor up to 2.0Ghz to provide powerful computing power, and is also equipped with 2GB of The large-capacity memory is used to ensure that the entire machine has sufficient memory resources when opening a large-scale 3D game to prevent the machine from appearing stuck and affecting the user experience. On the graphics processor, God painted the Y1J with a Maili-450 MP6 eight-core graphics processor, so the god of painting Y1J has a powerful graphics rendering capability and high-definition decoding capabilities, in which God painting Y1J can support the playback of 4k video, and Common 1080p video is easier to deal with.

In addition, Y1J also has a unique dual-lens design, in which the main lens is responsible for the placement of the screen, and the auxiliary lens is responsible for sensing and receiving. The image touch function and auto-focus function of the magic picture Y1J are all achieved by the auxiliary lens. And, it is worth mentioning that God painting Y1J is the first in China to use the brightest LED light source from Osram in the light source, and the service life is up to 30,000 hours. Therefore, even if Y1J is used for a long time, there is no need to worry about light source maintenance. problem.

Different human-computer interaction experience

In addition to excellent hardware configuration, the characteristics of the Y1J painting are far more than the high brightness. There is also a very different function in the Y1J painting from other intelligent projectors. It is the image touch technology. We know that ordinary smart projectors use the remote control's up, down, left, and right direction keys and control keys to operate. When the operation is performed, the box in the moving picture is used to perform content selection, but such operation is very limited, and the interaction experience is very limited. Very bad, so the god of painting Y1J image touch technology has a unique advantage, it also uses the remote control to operate, but the god draw Y1J can use the remote control to point to the screen to drag and click operation, completely subvert the ordinary smart projector The operation experience, at the same time, made it possible for God to draw Y1J to run various 3D games. Therefore, not only does the outstanding human-computer interaction experience in the Y1J painting, we can also use it to play fruit, tennis, and anger. Birds and other games, and this is completely impossible for ordinary smart projectors.

This projection is lit, and the god Y1J not only has a high-brightness performance of 500 colors, but also has an excellent human-computer interaction experience. Let the god YIJ projector bring us a superior visual and manipulation experience. At the same time God painting Y1J also has excellent hardware configuration, I believe the use of God painting Y1J can bring a fun experience.

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