Domestic Tower Defense Game "Keeping Tomb Notes VR" Landing Green

Domestic Tower Defense Game "Keeping Tomb Notes VR" Landing Green from Baidu VR

Recently, a game titled "The Tomb-note VR" landed on Steam's favorite light. This game was adapted from the domestic animation of the same name. It is a type of tower defense game. Let's take a look at the game's trailer.

"Tomb notes VR" notice:

Speaking of the cartoon "The Notes of Keeping the Tomb" is actually very interesting. The team was originally a game, because they loved the animation and resigned. They set up a studio to create, and they used the Unreal Engine 4 to do 3D comics. In order to make the protagonist of the comic appear live in front of everyone, he created the idea of ​​making a game called "Keeping Notes for Remembrance," which is also considered a return to the old line.

"Tomb notes VR"

According to the official introduction, "Tomb-notes VR" is a hands-on and brain combined VR tower defense game. Players in the game need to customize the layout of various agencies to build their own defense system. At the same time, they use various weapons such as bows, swords, and shields to fight against different types of graves, and to guard the entrance of the mausoleum to protect the ancient tombs from being plundered.

Game features:

- High-quality picture effects, realistic combat operations and combat

- Up to 12 kinds of organs can be freely placed on the ground, walls, roof and other locations;

- Free combination of organ combinations, groups of different types and quantities to maximize results

- Up to 15 different tomb fighters, each with its own combat characteristics

- Organs and robbers have different restraint

- 3 types of weapons for the player to choose: bow, sword, shield

- Up to 4 skill bonuses: Ice, Fire, Thunder, Elemental

- 3 different styles of ancient tomb scenes, each with its own colorful egg play

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