Samsung CES New TV HD Photo Tour

As the super heavyweight manufacturer in CES2017, Samsung's booth has always been the focus of attention. The main product that Samsung brought to us is QLED “Metal Quantum Dot” TV. The perfect display effect has always been Samsung. As an important capital of the international super-line TV manufacturers, Samsung’s product design has always been the first choice of high-end professionals. Through the QLED TV, Samsung’s products have always been aesthetically pleasing. It is perfect to interpret it again. Last year's KS9800 is like this, this year's QLED TV has upgraded this concept again, and it has become more close to life. We can see from the CES onsite information that QLED TV is hidden from the base and the power cord is hidden. All are flawless.

Samsung's non-destructive aesthetics, that is, Samsung's creation of the product, is also the concept that Samsung wants to convey, what the future home looks like, minimalist, sophisticated, high-tech, elegant, highly integrated future life, CES2017 Samsung The exhibition booth or the product conveys this information. The Lifestyle TV photo frame television is the product of the fusion of this idea. The final form of high-tech products may be hidden in everything around you.

Overview of the Samsung CES booth again illustrates the aesthetics of no dead ends

Samsung QLED TV floor stand å‘— design as an easel style, more artistic

Giant size QLED QD TVs appearing in booth

QLED QD TV display is very superior

The back of QLED QD TV is made of metal and the wire is perfectly hidden in the base

Stone texture base

The back of QLED QD TV is made of metal, and the back plate and base are linked together.

Wooden texture base can now be hidden

Picture Frame TV Lifestyle TV

Lifestyle TV Picture Frame TV

Lifestyle TV Picture Frame TV
The 2017 CES show will be opened in Las Vegas on January 5, when the global exhibitors will gather to release more than 20,000 new consumer electronics products.
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5 Wire Touch Screen Panel

Glass Touch Screen Panel

Touch Screen with Controller

Resistive Touch Screen

Waterproof Touch Screen

GPS Touch Screen

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