Large speaker for farming heavy metal: Philips Philips HIFI desktop NFC Bluetooth audio

Recently entered the xbox 360, with hate the country's one does not live up to expectations ah ~ always feel the TV speaker is not cool, lying in the online shopping horn. The first thing I saw was Mai Bo. I later found out that I had reached an all-metal whispering gallery with a price of 2999. I was hesitating because it took a long time to study the digital audio of Changhong TV. It was originally a coaxial cable, not a fiber. of. This Fendar just looks good, only fiber and red and white audio. Occasionally handcuffs, looking at Lynx box (in fact, do not need, there is a unit cable package to send IPTV, telecommunications IPTV, although the effect is poor, but other TV boxes are afraid to buy, afraid of the General Bureau of Light, ah ~ you do not see Many people’s smart TVs have now become large-size displays. Then they saw the Philips goods, which are bulky and complete with various interfaces. The double 11 price is more conscience than Fen. Pay the deposit, ok.

After two days, I suddenly received a phone call from Taizhou, Jiangsu, claiming to be Philips. I asked if I had booked a speaker. I thought, MD, how the fraudster knew my information. This is not a 9-pack sale message. Something ah ~ ~ customer service sister paper continues to say, in order to avoid the double 11's logistics peak, I suggest that I directly pay the remaining money, immediately delivery, I am the color of Aunt Zhang Aunt's color magic, molested her, then I pay in advance What benefit is better than Double 11? The sister paper is very calm and the answer is fast. The answer is embarrassing, just send an hdmi line. Official business ah ~ ~ Then is to contact customer service, immediately ok, waiting for receipt.

After a day of looking at the logistics information, silly, the daily logistics that was sent directly from Ningbo to Haier, peat, ah, Ningbo direct spot, ah, Wang Sham, said, also scheduled a feather ah. Then a cup of a good, sent directly to the unit, but also harmed me to get back from the unit. Come back to looking for Philips's sister paper theory, and later found out that people's home page was shockingly written, home delivery ~ ~, leave me alone, let me a quiet one.

When it's time to go, gossip and don't talk about it. It's time to open it, ah, no, it's open. A long box, no information.

Measurements, length 81cm, height 17cm, width 39cm. Weight 9kg,

Therefore, if the sister paper was moved by herself, it was still somewhat laborious, except for female papers. Pseudo-clear, because it is the packaging of Philips.

Because the outside box can't see any information, it was just thinking about the time of the demolition. Is it right or wrong? In order to prove this Goldbach conjecture, I was very fortunate to get you out and I just went in from the front...

This time it was really open, and the time when the chicken touched the heart finally came to whine............. The packing list was printed directly on the box, which means saving paper and preventing businesses from stealing the column.

The family portrait is this. A remote control, a power cord, connected to the host can not pull down, quick to use guide, plain English, instructions, do not look a thick one, in fact, a few pages, multilingual, so thick ah, a warranty Card, a warranty network, blue is the factory certificate. Eye-catching is the various techniques on the left side of the host, single-armed, ah, Dolby, NFC, and the like, is a double-sided adhesive post, very good tearing, and without leaving any traces, leaving no corner å“Ÿ~~~

Come on, reveal a positive face to the column, and press the middle button. Press the button and press the button to turn off the volume. The small button above is the source selection, click, one source, press again, and then jump. One until you use the source. The source of things to wait and say again. The main body of the main body is 71 clever, 31cm wide, and the prominent button is 1cm, and the width is 32cm and the height is 7.5cm (including 1.3cm).

See that subwoofer, the host can carry 22kg, metal body, you can put the TV directly above, the maximum 55-inch, 55-inch weight is 22kg?

Showing chrysanthemum to see, hdmi, red and white, next to the round is coaxial, the black side of the cover is the optical fiber. The interface is complete, oh, there are aux in and usb ports, on the right side of the front of the host, forgot to take pictures. By the way, the hdmi line and the mobile movie that was sent were used by BES Huitong. Coaxial, please refer to Ma Yun.

Remote controller, come out and make a soy sauce.

The above is the choice of the source, it is said that black technology HDMI ARC can also transmit sound, ignorant Li ah, Bluetooth, external input, usb, fiber coaxial.

Up and down songs are only useful in Bluetooth and USB, three columns + -, the left is the low frequency, the middle volume, the right is the high frequency, the height is plus or minus 3 adjustable, the official proposal is +3 files. Then there is the mute button, sound, which is the sound effect. It is probably warm, clear, bright, bright, automatic and the like. After reading the explanations in Chinese, we haven't seen explanations. We just say that we can adjust the sound effects, and then we haven’t got any. . Surr, the tone is, surround sound, stereo, automatic three, surround sound is better. DIM, is the brightness of the display, 3 adjustable. The night mode is based on the normal sound and automatically reduces some (personal feelings).

Turn both s5's Bluetooth and NFC on. Touch the right end of the host's black. In fact, the whole machine is frosted and feels good. The black one is a thin layer of cotton mesh. Nfc is just a tag, I believe most of the bubble Zhang mom understand, remember that Zhang Da Ma wrote a few individuals in the nfc tag, want to use what software, directly up one post. The Bluetooth connection is fast and the range is very large, which is larger than my Sony SBH52 Bluetooth headset. As shown in the picture, the connection is good, the display shows BT, this is not to say I am abnormal, ah, Bluetooth is also written like this

As long as the power cord is unplugged, the circle button on the sparkling light and the on/off button on the remote control can be turned on. When the power is turned on and the volume is adjusted, that circle will light up.

Next is the random entry time of various songs. I am a wooden ear. I hope you can take a look at your position. Don't take a picture.

Under the automatic sound effects and humming sound effects, Tsai Chin's, Zhang San's songs, your eyes, forgotten times were tested. Under normal circumstances, automatic sound effects, high frequency 0 low frequency 0, and not very good for Tsai Chin's voice. Show, to the low-frequency +3, find the voice is good, the background of the music is wrong, when the bass should not bass. Nocturnes to the secret garden, pace, Sigma, performed well, especially in the section of the cello in front of you raise me up, tension is very good. Tried Erquan Yingyue Anne's Wonderland, the hero's dawn, goodbye police, he is a pirate, exodus, the mass, the city of the sky, heaven and earth solitary shadow for my line, summer, she is my skin. Exodus symphony opening details are not very good grasp, a variety of musical instruments reverberating together, without Sony's Bluetooth headset clear, not suitable for Bandari and the city of the sky, summer such an ethereal type, it touches on the performance of the two springs reflect the moon Well, direct and refreshing. He is a pirate, this music from the power supply, this sound, oh, I'm sorry, is the whispering gallery, is his professional, itself is located in the home theater, and performed very well, he is a pirate, directly restores the kind of tension . The mass (really not the Nazis), she is my skin also performed well.

To test the vocals, under the clear sound effect, Peng Jiahui’s met with hate, Celtic and Xicheng you raise me up, Liu Ziling’s station, the frontier’s spring, the heart of the millennium edge, Dong Zhen's Acacia quote, back to the beginning , Chen Shuhua's rolling red dust, Oda and Zheng's sudden love, the story of time across the line, beyond no hesitation in the Great Wall, Lin Zixiang's self-improvement, Meng Tingfu's silent rain, she's moonlight. It was very good to meet with hateful nights, and it was better able to separate the levels. The West City was better than Celtic's. Liu Ziling's frontier springs adjust high frequency + 3 low frequency 0, or can reflect the clear voice. The fairytale's millennium edge, really high-frequency +3, low-frequency +3, are 0, it is like in the underground parking lot, the sound of noise, as well as echo. For these ordinary male voices, the performance is also OK. The synthesis is that the machine is positioned at the home theater. It has a good grasp of the intermediate frequency and strengthens some low frequencies. It is not good enough for high frequencies. Also tried the ancient sword Qi Tan II, recommended that the first high-flowing water (Erhu Edition), have to say, this instrument is really erhu, quite a bit tragic, and even Feng Huang Qi could not help but blew ~

In view of this, to try, phenix legend of the most dazzling national wind, the horse galloping, the temptation of the wolf, I came from the grasslands, Yang Jin's love of the sea, Ulan's I from the snow-capped mountains, set horses, there is the heart of flowers The sentence you put in, you are blue in green, I'm yellow silk man, you come from Pandora, I come from Tianmenshan. Sure enough, this machine took great care of the details, quite a bit of dancing at night in the taste of those portable speakers.

In short, the goods are prepared for home theaters. They have a good grasp of the midrange and bass adjustment. They have their own subwoofers, and they have enough home theaters to build a silk screen. They are also enough to carry the sister paper in their arms on the sofa. Keke, out of the question ah), if you want to use him to listen to Yanni, Sarah Brightman, or go left, B & O, Tanner, any pick ah ~

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