Versatile Thousand Yuan Machine - Letv 2

LeTV 2's price is only a thousand dollars, but it is equipped with MediaTek X20 processor, in-cell fit screen, fingerprint unlock, flash charge is also everything, and there are 9 channels of live video features for the like chase opera Anyone watching a match must be very fond of this phone.

In addition to the data cable and the adapter, there is a conversion cable of Type-C to 3.5mm headphone jack. Because the machine preempted Apple step by step, canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, only the type-c interface, which is used to charge also used to transfer data.

The Type-C interface supports greater current transmission and supports up to 100W, so the LeEco 2 can be charged with more current, and the power adapter supports up to 24W of current transmission. This machine uses LeFron technology to provide faster charging speed.

Its data lines are also very special. One end is a Type-C interface that can be plugged on both sides. The other side is a USB interface. It can also be inserted on both sides.

LeTV 2 is an all-metal body. The rear shell has a 3-piece structure. The color is very special red dopamine. The color difference between the plastic window and the metal part of the fuselage is small. There are curves on both sides of the border. The ridges have been cut by a diamond and have a metallic texture. However, because the lines are relatively tough, the touch is not very smooth.

Camera slightly raised, next to the dual color temperature flash, the following is a mirror fingerprint unlock, the use of which unlock faster, basically no delay, and the mirror fingerprint unlock finger in the case of oil stains, water stains can be reliably unlocked, just Not dirty.

The front panel of LeEco 2 has a symmetrical layout, which is more compact and there are 3 physical sensor keys below the screen. The screen glass is fully suspended and the physical frame is not visible on the front, so the fuselage also looks slender.

In addition to the outside of the fuselage below the body only a Type-C interface, cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack is a bold act, LeTV took the first step. The top of the fuselage is not a headset jack, but the infrared transmitter window, the phone can also be used as a TV remote control, the system comes with a remote control application, can support the vast majority of infrared remote control TV, how suddenly think of a Gree mobile phone?

The aircraft's EUI5.6 system is based on Android6.0, excellent fluency performance, the theme of the style is cool black, is conducive to hiding the black edge of the LCD screen, the icon is a materialized style, three-dimensional obvious, and the common flat icon different. The system integrates LeTV's ecosystem and can also log in to WeChat Trumpet.

LeTV's 420 conference emphasized that there was no ecology or not, EUI5.6 integrated LeTV's rich video resources. In addition to the traditional desktop, the system also features two interfaces that emphasize live LIVE and rich video resources. The 9-channel video can be broadcast live in one screen at the same time. Because its video playback function does not exist in the form of APP, but integrated into the system, so fluency than the operation of a third-party APP is a higher level, sliding no Caton, and resources loaded very fast, with music as 2 Video is a completely different experience.

Le front view camera 2 is 800W pixels, aperture F2.2, the main camera 1600W pixels, F2.0 large aperture. The camera supports phase focus and instant imaging, making it particularly suitable for capturing. Its sample proofs have a good overall tolerance, are bright, and are very satisfying. They are also very rich in the sense of color that is difficult to grasp for red or pink.

The original is relatively light, not much to please the eye. However, its night performance is better than the thousand ones. The proofs have high brightness and can show more details. At the same time, the picture is more delicate and less noise.

LeSco 2 has a 5.5-inch screen with the most advanced in-cell fit. The following comparison chart is very intuitive, in the middle is the red rice Note3 full Netcom version, the left is the glory play Chang 5C, both are GFF fit, the screen up to 5 layers, but barely called all posted and nothing. This affixation method does not completely eliminate the screen gap, so under a certain angle, the screen will be covered with a layer of gray, not only the permeability is slightly poor, and the anti-reflective performance is also poor, but the cost is lower. It can be seen in the picture that the smooth playing of the 5C screen is better, the gray is less obvious, and the LeS2 screen is thinner and more transparent, and the black is more pure.

Only its maximum screen brightness is slightly lower than the two, or more conducive to life. Although LeTV 2's LCD screen is not wider than the other two, but because the physical frame is removed, the black border cannot be visually separated. Therefore, when the screen is on, the black border is still more abrupt.

The chip is the basis for the performance of the mobile phone. LeTV 2 not only generously configures the 3G+32G storage portfolio, but also Mediatek's high-end chip Helio X20. Xiaomi has always had the habit of selling chips, and LeTV is now selling this 10-core chip. This chip was originally a tool for MediaTek to hit the high-end market, and now it seems to have to cry for money.

X20's security Bunny running points close to 10W, 3DMARK score is also very good, in the thousands of machine performance is outstanding, and the 10 core can be based on load conditions so that large, medium and small cores were put into operation, higher utilization, more conducive to the province Electricity.

This chip integrates the Mali-T880 MP4 GPU, which is ARM's latest graphics unit. The LeEco 2 can run complex large-scale games. The performance of the "Modern Warfare 5" is 26 frames, and for the "Royal War" card Card games can reach 46 frames, can run very smoothly, scores between Red Mi Note3 full Netcom version and glory 5C, MediaTek X20 game performance is slightly less than the Dragon 650 chip, but better than the Kirin 650.

The decoding capability is the only performance that the mobile phone processor can shoulder with the desktop processor, and the Helio X20 is not disappointing. It can hardly solve the medium-rate multi-format 4K video, but also can hardly decode H.265-encoded video. The capability is still very powerful. This performance is enough for general video playback.

LeTV introduced the new CDLA audio lossless standard at the 420 conference. Usually we listen to music and need to convert the digital signal to analog signal. Basically, the digital-to-analog conversion chip is installed on the mobile phone. This has many disadvantages: multiple chips mutual The interference and isolation are poor. The handset chip decoding style cannot be unified with the headset, and the cost of the mobile phone is greatly increased.

The CDLA standard uses Type-C high-speed transmission characteristics, the HiFi decoder chip and other originals are done on the headset, so the phone output is still no loss of digital signals, in the end how the sound quality depends on the DAC above the headset, mobile phone The cost can be greatly reduced.

This CDLA earbud is not included, but it is not expensive. This is a semi-ear earphone, wired control function, and an LED indicator on the headset that lights when the CDLA mode is on.

The actual auditioning feels this headset has a pure bottom noise, an open sound field, and a warm vocal sound, and especially good bass. Although it is not a deep dive, it has a good performance and flexibility. But after all, this is just a hundred-dollar, half-ear earbuds. If you want better sound quality, you need to better support the CDLA standard headphones. Now Wang Feng's FIIL headset has full support for the CDLA standard, so people are looking forward to you ~~

The battery capacity of this machine is 3000mA, and the maximum charging power of le flash charge can reach 24W. The complete charging time from 0 to 100% can be basically done in 1 hour and more than 10 minutes, and the speed is very fast, and the utilization rate of the equipment can be improved. For the fever situation compared with the glory 5C and Red Mi Note Netcom version, the basic is based on the game performance rankings, in the GLbenchmark 4-hour battery test in the performance of moderate fever, but not hot.

In the thousand Yuan machines, the configuration of LeTV 2 is the most complete, similar to fingerprint unlocking, gyroscope, infrared, dual color temperature flash, all these things have, and the chip and storage are also very kind, and the conscience uses the highest posted The process screen. I think its pricing is directed at the Rednet Note3 full Netcom version, and the cost does not matter. If you are LeTV, then this phone will be presented in hardware free mode, more value, LeTV video only music as the best mobile phone experience, and thousands of machines can also talk about HiFi sound quality, this other mobile phone is to do Less than that. However, it also has some deficiencies, first of all, the color of the automatic camera mode can be optimized to be more beautiful, followed by no border ID of the bright screen and the contrast of the information screen is too large, need to adapt to a period of time, but it does not hide, it comes to cost-effective music as 2 very Emboldened.

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