Unprecedented, Dell Ling Yue 7000 Experience

After many years of development, the PC-Pad 2-in-1 product has come out of the embarrassing realm of “worse as a flat-panel application and insufficient as a computer”. While performance continues to improve, Windows10's support for touch screens is also becoming more and more sophisticated. The PC-based tablet combo products are slowly gaining acceptance because of their playability and portability.

This experience is that Dell Ling Yue is able to take care of the portable, easy-to-use, and performance products. With enough lightness and thinness, it has a variety of usage forms. It is equipped with a 256G SSD, i7 processor, and 8G memory to meet everyday needs. Later revisions, some online games are not to mention.

Processor: 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6500U Processor

Memory: 8GB Dual Channel DDR4 2133MHz (4GBx2)

Hard Disk: 256GB SSD

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520

Display: 13.3 inch 1080s IPS Full HD FHD (1920 x 1080) Truelife LED Backlit Touch Monitor

Camera: Built-in high-definition infrared camera wide viewing angle - IR camera

Life: Up to 8 hours 22 minutes

Dimensions: Height: 18.7 mm – 19.2 mm (0.74” – 0.76”) x Width: 322.4 mm (12.69”) x Depth: 224.0 mm ( 8.82”)

Warranty: 3 Years of Consumer Service After Remote Diagnosis

The shell of Ling Yue's Rubik's Cube uses a material similar to metal brushed material, but the texture touched is like plastic. This may be due to the consideration of the weight and heat dissipation of the body. If it is all-metal, the weight of the body will increase, and the heat inside the body will be more easily transmitted, giving the user the illusion that the machine is easily hot.

Because the body is lighter, the opening and closing of the screen is difficult to do with one-handed operation. Taking into account the transformation between multiple modes, the Rubik's Cube's bearings are relatively laborious.

The design of the Rubik's Cube is not madly pursued lightly, but it is still a lot thinner than the traditional laptops and laptops. Compared with the one plus two mobile phone in the picture, it is almost twice as thick, which is still a good thickness for the notebook. The interface is more conventional, including Type-C, HDMI, and network cable. The interface of the power cord is very mini, similar to the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Considering that the Rubik's Cube has a tablet and tent mode, the buttons are not easy to operate, and the Rubik's Cube has the volume and power buttons to the side. This design is because in the tent mode and the tablet mode, the keyboard is inconvenient to operate, so the two more frequently used buttons, the power button and the volume button, are placed in places that are easy to operate anyway.

SD card reader and a regular USB jack, the body design is considered light and thin, with only one Type-C USB interface. For daily use, if the computer is connected to a mouse, it will be awkward to connect to a U disk. Fortunately for me, an SD card slot means more than a USB interface.

The back of the design is more common, two thick non-slip mats, inscribed model name, non-removable battery, trying to thin. Unfortunately, there are no XPS13 and XPS15 series of exquisite metal nameplates.

Rubik's keyboard feels soft, but the feedback to the force, the key process is appropriate, feel very comfortable, no code for a long time. The brief experience article you see comes from Rubik's keyboard.

The keyboard light is almost the standard for high-end notebooks, and it is essential for codeword workers. Especially at night, it can bring a lot of convenience.

Dell laptop power is the smallest and most exquisite computer I have ever used. The size of the power supply largely affects the user's experience. When the old computer was used to go out, the most offensive was the huge power that occupied a large space.

The biggest feature of the two-in-one notebook should be a changeable form. There are four forms of this product of the Rubik's Cube and it is suitable for use under different scenarios. This is the most traditional mode of notebooks, and it is the most used mode. After all, notebooks are one of the productivity tools. Codes and retouching all need to be operated in this form. It is one of the most basic forms of notebooks.

The tent mode is a form that I will use at lunch time. The angle is more comfortable than the notebook mode. The most important thing is not to worry that the soup will spill on the keyboard.

Flat lay mode is the least used, because I don't know if I'm lying down and doing well.

The tablet mode is generally played in the hands while sleeping. In this mode, there is basically no need to use the keyboard. There are more and more softwares that support touch control on Windows. In particular, the recently updated Lightroom has already supported full-touch operation. Later, one may be able to lay aside and retouch the figure.

There are four raised bumps on the keyboard so that when the computer is in tablet mode, the keyboard is down and the keyboard is not scratched by the desk.

This little sign of faith on the keyboard tells us that this is an i7 processor notebook. Even if you do not configure a discrete graphics card, the integrated 520 graphics card of the CPU can basically ensure the smooth running of the machine. Office's office software and simple Photoshop and Lightroom can't help but simple online games can't help.

Today's Lightroom software already supports full touch operation, and future touch should be the development direction of notebooks.

All the pictures in this experience text are processed by this computer. i7 CPU, plus 256G SDD, plus 8G memory, lr graphics is very smooth, the picture of this article are using the spirit of the Rubik's cube repair. Later, when the heat is slightly larger and the back is a bit warm, it is within the acceptable range, and the heat is mainly concentrated on the back. If you do not put your computer on your leg, it is almost impossible to notice the heat of the notebook.

If you are a business person who travels frequently, this notebook may be a good choice. The performance is enough to cope with all kinds of office software, tent mode can let you enjoy a more comfortable audio-visual experience, tablet mode to meet your leisure and entertainment needs, coupled with the thin shape and long life, is the best choice for travelers.

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