Domestic operators start submarine cable repair due to submarine cable failure caused by Japanese earthquake

According to the news on March 12, due to the earthquake in the northeastern region of Japan, some submarine cables of China Telecom failed; some international circuits of China Unicom were interrupted, and the damage situation continued to increase; part of the submarine cables leased by China Mobile was interrupted.

At 13:46 on March 11, an earthquake occurred in the Tohoku region of Japan. Affected by this, China Telecom failed in the sea area near Kitabaraki, Japan via the Japan-US submarine cable from Japan to North America and the PC1 submarine cable. On the evening of the 11th, the 105G Internet export circuit and 7G dedicated line circuit from China Telecom to North America were interrupted, but the voice service circuit was operating normally. It is reported that the interrupted Internet circuits accounted for 13% of China Telecom's total export bandwidth and 22% of North America's export bandwidth, which has a certain impact on the speed of users' access to North American Internet sites.

At the same time, in China Unicom's international business circuits, some of the voice business circuits in the direction of Delta, Canada and Canada were affected, a total of 40E1 interruptions. China Unicom completed the routing adjustment on the evening of the 11th, and voice services were not affected; to the United States, 24 * 2.5G Internet circuits The interruption has a certain impact on Internet exports; the circuit to Japan has not been interrupted, but the connection rate has dropped due to the surge in traffic.

In addition, one of the two international submarine cables leased by China Mobile Internet Shanghai International to North America was interrupted due to the earthquake, which caused some congestion in international business, but the voice business was basically normal. It is reported that at 2-3 pm on the 11th, the number of outgoing international calls from China to Japan increased by 207% compared with usual times, and the number of outgoing call attempts exceeded 200,000, an increase of 945%. Due to the local network in Japan, the system was connected The rate dropped by 50%. The top five provinces with the highest growth in outgoing traffic are Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Liaoning and Zhejiang.

At present, China Telecom has launched an emergency plan, which will be repaired after determining the specific breakpoints of the faulty submarine cable; China Unicom is working on a plan to organize the power to restore the circuit; China Mobile has launched an emergency plan, emergency dispatching circuits and channeling international business.

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