V100 miniature projection engine with compact size and high picture quality performance

Micron Technology Inc. announced the launch of the first V100 pico projector engine with compact size and high picture quality performance for the consumer video and mobile application market. The V100 uses Micron ’s innovative Hexagonal Pixel Multiply Technology (HPX), which can achieve the best efficiency for the use of video input signals, meet the needs of microdisplays, and open unlimited possibilities for microprojectors and new usage modes. Micron also exhibited this product at the International Electronic Components and Production Technology Exhibition (electronicAsia) held in Hong Kong on October 13-16.

Mobile devices have become the mainstream of current consumer electronics products, and their functions are constantly being innovated and integrated to meet consumer needs. The micro-projection function is one of them. According to the Display Search 2010 handheld projector technology and market forecast, the mobile phone embedded micro projection market revenue has an estimated annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 134% from 2010 to 2014. It is expected that the overall operation of the micro display market by 2014 The revenue will exceed 1.1 billion US dollars, which shows the strong potential of this market. Among all the miniature projection technologies, LCOS technology provides a perfect trade-off between cost and performance. Recently, it is regarded as the most competitive technology in the miniature projection market, and the annual compound growth in market revenue between 2010 and 2014 The rate is estimated to reach 78%.

Mike Zeigler, general manager of Micron ’s Micro Display Division, said that the current application of micro-projection technology in handheld devices is in the growth phase. Once the cost and performance fully meet the market, it is expected that applications such as consumer electronics and mobile phones will quickly take off and become popular. The improvement of the design and innovation capabilities of manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China, as well as the acceleration of mass production and the speed of new product launches, are the important driving forces for the rapid development of the handheld micro-projection market.

Zeigler pointed out that the micro display market is an important part of Micron's product strategy. Through the introduction of differentiated products, Micron has further extended its superb expertise in research and design in the field of semiconductors. Micron's unique micro-projection technology FLCOS is based on long-term CMOS manufacturing experience, so it can integrate clear image processing and built-in memory functions. Micron is optimistic about the development of this technology market, and actively uses its own technical and manufacturing expertise to launch micro-projection solutions that combine specific product, cost, and video performance advantages for mobile phones, digital cameras, DVD players, and toys New applications.

The FLCOS miniature display panel of the V100 miniature projector engine covers all the necessary image processing, eliminating the need for additional processors, thus providing energy consumption and cost advantages. Micron ’s innovative HPX technology can provide more delicate and smooth diagonal lines for video scanning. The video resolution is about 20% higher than traditional square pixels (pixel-per-inch). In addition, the V100 has 5 beams of true color lumens to maintain color clarity and brightness. The efficiency of video output is therefore better than traditional white light projectors. The projection brightness is about three times that of ordinary five-color filter projectors.

V100 product specifications:

Package size: 33 mm × 31 mm × 12 mm

Volume: 8.5cc engine

Lumens: 5 color lumens

Panel resolution: WQVGA

Color depth: 4.2 million independent colors

Power supply: about 1.5 W

Operating temperature: 0 ~ + 50C

Main applications: Dynamic video-grade mini projectors, including consumer electronics applications such as handheld devices, portable media players and cameras.

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