Features of the pre-stage surround sound processor and the preamplifier part of the combined amplifier

Features of the pre-stage surround sound processor and the preamplifier part of the combined amplifier

In the home theater audio and video system, the pre-processing part is mainly divided into two parts: audio signal processing and video processing. The main working mode of the audio processing part is to receive the audio signal from the signal source, analyze the signal type, process and decode it, convert it into an analog audio signal, and then transfer it to the amplifying part for processing. Decoding is the core of audio processing. The main function is to decode various audio format signals, including HD audio such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, LPCM, and now with the new Dolby Atmos panoramic sound. And Auro 3D 3D sound and audio. In addition, there are various DSP sound processing and room automatic sound field correction functions. There are two different implementations of DSP digital signal sound processing. One is that YAMAHA integrates it into home theater amplifiers by studying sound environments in different scenes around the world, such as concert halls, theaters, etc. At the time of use, the sound effects of concert halls and theaters are simulated according to different program source scenes. The other is real-time sound extension processing, such as Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Audyssey DSX and DTS Neo:X, which analyzes the structure of the audio signal in real time and expands the sound field through a precise algorithm.

The ability to support Dolby panoramic audio decoding and processing is an important upgrade for AV amplifiers this year.jpg

The room automatic sound field correction function is an important function to simplify the adjustment of the AV amplifier processing parameters. The setting of the AV amplifier is quite complicated, and it needs to be done with tools such as a sound pressure meter and a tape measure. It also needs to adjust the built-in equalizer in the AV amplifier. The automatic sound field correction function simply plugs in the microphone attached to the amplifier to automatically select the level of the sound, the distance between the speaker and the listening position, and the room EQ options, including Dirac Live, ARC, Audyssey MultEQ series functions. , Pioneer's MCACC and Yamaha's YPAO. This function has certain requirements on the size and shape of the room. In an ideal room, the correction of the automatic room acoustics is more accurate. Therefore, we should try to reduce the impact on the sound quality caused by the sound field defects in the room.

Room sound field automatic correction system.jpg

DSP digital signal sound processing function is also an important function in the amplifier.jpg

Common EQ equalizer adjustment inside the high-end amplifier.jpg

The room automatic sound field correction system will use the microphone to pick up the sound.jpg

Video processing functions mainly include the reception, distribution and transmission of video signals. Some high-end AV amplifiers also have partial picture adjustment functions such as brightness, contrast, sharpness and so on. However, in general, it is not recommended to adjust the AV amplifier. Instead, adjust the display terminal directly. If the ideal effect cannot be adjusted, consider the setting in the AV amplifier. In general, mainstream home theater amplifiers typically have 5 in 2 out or more video input and output terminals. Nowadays, the way of HDMI connection has become very popular. HDMI also brings us a simpler audio and video connection. Of course, many home theater amplifiers still retain traditional video connection terminals such as composite video and component video to facilitate those reservations. Used by users of classic video devices in the past. Specifically, the AV amplifier can accept multiple input signals, including Blu-ray players, HD players, game consoles, and HD set-top boxes. After the signal enters the amplifier, it is switched to the single or multi-channel by the built-in video matrix. The output terminal outputs the video signal to the display device, including a flat-panel TV and a home theater projector.

Extremely rich audio input and output interface, including multi-channel speaker output terminal.jpg

China Home Theater Network: With the development of AV amplifier technology, more and more models already have video processing chips, including HQV, Sigma Designs VXP and Marvell Qdeo video processing chips. The most widely used is the Marvell Qdeo video processing chip that can support 4K ultra-high definition video transmission and processing. It can up-convert 720p, 1080i/p video signals to 3840×2160 4K ultra-high definition resolution, and then rely on excellent The algorithm eliminates various video noise, aliasing and feathering effects, and also features i/p conversion and zooming. Marvell Qdeo video processing chips are now widely used in high-end models. The main HQV video processing chips are the Reon-VX series and the Vida series. The main function of Reon-VX is to provide double-line up-conversion and i/p progressive conversion function, to eliminate aliasing and various image distortions, and to reduce various types of video noise. The high-end Vida series utilizes four-field motion adaptive de-interlacing and multi-field tracking to enhance image detail and gradation, extend the 12-bit color processing depth, and provides high-compression video processing to reduce low quality Compression distortion such as mosaic of program source and mosquito noise. The broadcast video processing level VXP chip is mainly used in the field of video broadcasting, so it has very powerful performance, can support 24-bit color depth color processing and 128-level grayscale adjustment function, with good 3D noise reduction. The mosquito-shaped noise reduction, artifact elimination and detail enhancement functions can bring a sharper and clearer picture, and can also effectively enhance the contrast of the picture to improve the texture of the entire image.

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