Wireless mouse using a small note

Wireless mouse using a small note

It turns out that the mouse may not automatically establish a wireless connection with the receiver. It needs to be set manually. The method of manual setting is to ensure that the mouse is equipped with the battery and the receiver is properly installed, click the black "Code Set" button on the receiver, then I found that my mouse pointer has been "live" over.

One function can accommodate two "rats"

The mouse pointer finally got me "wake up", but new problems appeared again. Since dad and mom often use computers to play chess games such as "arch pig" and "landlords", they have already become accustomed to my "Shuangfeiyan" mouse. They are reluctant to adapt to the new mouse. I can now use a wireless mouse with a scroll wheel, thinking I can easily access the Internet. But I can't always shut down, dial the mouse, plug in another mouse, turn it on again, and then turn off the computer again depending on the situation. . . Mom said, "You'll have two mouses!", no, just heard of dual CPU, dual monitors, dual sound cards, dual network cards, etc., as if no one needs to install two mice. However, I now seem to need to install a double mouse ^-^.

I took two mouse observations and found that "Shuangfeiyan" is a serial port, and the wireless mouse is a PS/2 port. They do not interfere with each other and can physically implement dual mouse installations. But I do not know whether the system can correctly identify, will not cause conflicts, will not cause the system to crash (my operating system is a dual system of Windows2000 and WindowsXP), regardless of it, try again. Once again shut down, re-connect the "Shuangfeiyan" mouse, after booting actually "safe" into the desktop. First try the wireless mouse, the normal operation of the pointer; then try "Shuangfeiyan", the pointer can actually move and use normally. Quickly enter the "Control Panel", double-click the "System" icon to view the "Operation Manager", and does not show the presence of unknown devices and system conflicts. Click on the "Mouse and other pointing devices" item to show that there are two normally used mice in the unit. Now when Mom and Dad play games, they use only the wire mouse and put the wireless mouse aside. When I was surfing the Internet or reading e-books, I used a wireless mouse to give full play to the convenience brought by the scroll wheel. Haha, my love machine actually let two little mice "coexist peacefully and perform their duties."

Improve the "internal force" for both rats

Readers who have used the Microsoft mouse must have been very impressed with their beautiful appearance and high prices. But the ones that are most exciting to me are the IntelliPoint drivers that they have. In fact, other brands of mice can install this program. Your regular mouse is upgraded one level. Immediately drove the cat to go straight to the driver's home and downloaded the driver. During the installation process, select the Cordless Wheel Mouse type and press Enter.

After the installation is complete, after restarting, there is a mouse icon in the system tray. Double-click it to open the Mouse Properties dialog box. Here you can set the mouse button assignments, mouse pointer patterns, pointer options, pulley options, personalization options, etc. Most worth mentioning is that the program provides button settings in a specific program, so that you can according to different The application environment allocates button functions. This function is unique to Microsoft drivers and is very easy to use. The rest of the functions will not be discussed in detail. We can study it slowly.

Through the use of the wireless mouse, I feel deeply that when installing new peripherals on the computer, no matter how familiar you are with the hardware, you should also carefully check the instruction manual because you may find the precautions and common The solution to the problem. In addition, the use of computer hardware and software should dare to try, perhaps it will make your love machine more personal.

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