Floor pager manual sharing

At present, the man-made dual-purpose construction elevators (also known as construction elevators), which are widely used in construction sites, are mostly equipped with signal devices that are in contact with the drivers in the cages. Therefore, it is very inconvenient to call the cage to the required floor on each floor. Many construction sites often use the method of tapping the wall attached to the wall to make the driver know that someone needs to use it, which is neither safe nor accurate.

Construction elevator floor pager, a wireless calling device that combines wireless transmission and digital display technology to form an advanced floor call solution: each floor has a signaling device - pager, when the floor When the construction personnel need the elevator or raw materials, and press the call button installed on the floor, the display in the elevator where the driver is located will have a digital display and a buzzer prompt. The driver knows exactly which floor to use the elevator or needs raw materials. Drive the material to the floor. Compared with the traditional intercom caller, this wireless calling system will be more advanced, solving the problem of construction workers shouting and carrying inconvenience.

Function Description

1. Use the wireless way to realize the floor elevator call, using 315M free wireless band.

2. This product can record the transmission signals of 40 callers, and verify the transmitted pager to determine the specific pager number and display it on the screen.

3. The screen can display the floor number of the calling user and the last time the user was called.

4. With the function of power failure without loss, the recorded user number will not be lost.

5. The buzzer prompts that a call arrives.

6. The wireless calling distance can reach 100 meters, which can guarantee the installation and use of the 30 floors.

Setting display

1. Press and hold the [S/R] button 5S to enter the setting mode. After entering the setting mode, C-01 appears on the screen and 01 is flashing, 01 is the floor number to be learned and saved.

2.[â–¼][â–²] keys can be used to set the value of the building number currently being set. When the floor is selected, the buzzer sounds two times in succession after receiving the transmitter signal, and the green light is on. If the learning is successful, you can use the [â–¼][â–²] keys to adjust to other floor numbers for learning.

3. If the code of the remote control used in the learning process is duplicated with the code previously learned, the buzzer prompts the user to repeatedly enter with 3 slams, and displays E-01 on the display (01 is used to learn remote control) Duplicate floor number). The user can replace the remote control code.

4. In the setting mode, press and hold the [â–²] key 5S to clear the previous floor number saved in the system. Clear successfully displays DEL.

5. When the setting is completed, you can exit the setting system with the [S/R] button.

Use advantage

1. Easy to operate, easy to use and long life.

2. The tower crane operator understands that the demand part is simple, fast and reduces labor intensity.

3. Avoid disputes between construction workers and elevator operators caused by poor call.

4. Improve work efficiency, reduce waste time and shorten construction period.

5. Less investment and high efficiency.

6. Reusability is strong, and once a construction site is completed, it can continue to use the next construction site.

client needs

1. Workers can call the elevator driver to the floor to carry out and transport garbage.

2. The sales office calls the elevator driver and goes to the model room to see the real estate.

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