The iPhone 6 is more challenging to pursue a thinner and lighter backlight module.

According to the "China Times News" report, the supply chain news that Apple iPhone 6 backlight module supplier Minebea has a yield problem. According to reports, in order to make the iPhone 6 lighter and thinner, its backlight design has been reduced from 2 brightness enhancement films to 1 brightness enhancement film, which increases the difficulty of assembly of the backlight module, resulting in a yield problem for Minebea. Will not catch up with the first batch of iPhone 6 mass production listed. Minebea backlight module orders may be transferred to other suppliers such as OMRON and Ruiyi.

LCD panels do not emit light by themselves, and some illumination is required to produce images, which requires the addition of a backlight assembly. The sources also said that the iPhone 6 will be mass-produced in July and listed in September, which is consistent with recent rumors.

In addition, the source also revealed that the iPhone 6 will still use In Cell in-cell touch technology, which is contrary to the previous rumor that it will be converted to use On Cell technology. In addition, the report also mentioned that the main panel suppliers of iPhone 6 are still provided by LG, JDI and Sharp.

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