Jiucheng cable company orders remained stable in December

Jiucheng cable company orders remained stable in December At present, 21 domestic wire and cable companies have been investigated. The results show that over 90% of the cables believe that December orders have remained stable.

95% of wire and cable companies expect orders to remain stable in December, the end of the year corporate capital pressure is greater, continue to large-scale expansion of the risk of orders, in the case of the overall market situation is flat, more orders in December will remain stable, orders The increase will continue to increase the payment. Some enameled wire companies also stated that orders for November have increased to a certain degree, and the increase in the latter part has continued to be limited. At the end of the year, more efforts will be put into the signing of long-term orders next year. At present, due to the signing of the electrolytic copper premiums of refineries and copper rod companies, most copper rod companies have not yet clearly notified the cable companies and enameled companies of the price of the single processing fee.

Some 5% of the companies indicated that orders in December are expected to continue to increase slightly. At the end of the year, downstream terminals such as electronic lines received some orders for export, and orders were made before the Spring Festival. As a result, demand for thin wires increased.

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