91 mobile assistant sued for massive piracy

91 mobile assistant sued for massive piracy Fujian Netcom Computer Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of the famous smartphone software 91 mobile assistant, has suffered hundreds of television copyrights, TV program copyrights, and text works since 2011 due to lack of awareness of intellectual property protection. Copyright and other infringement lawsuits.

The reporter learned from Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Hunan Satellite TV) that the case of Happy Sunshine Company suing Fujian NetDragon’s network for piracy of “Happy Camp” has been finalized by the Fujian Provincial High Court. The court finally ruled that Fujian NetDragon’s intent to provide the “Happy Camp” download service in 91 mobile assistant “Movie. Video” column constitutes infringement. After the final judgment of the Fujian Provincial High Court, the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court also netted the “Happy Camp”, “Daily Up”, “Martial Arts”, “Xinping’s Tracksman”, “China Expeditionary Army” and other works by Net Dragon Computer. In more than 40 cases, the verdict was judged that NetDragon was infringed. In order to further combat piracy, Happy Sunshine recently filed more than 200 infringement lawsuits requesting NetDragon to assume tort liability.

According to lawyer Zhu Shengwu, a senior partner of the Beijing-based Yingke Law Firm, Jinan Branch of Happy Sunshine Company, 91 mobile assistants are involved in pirated TV and TV shows. They cover all the popular TV programs of Happy Sunshine, such as Happy Camp. , every day, we date it and so on. NetDragon’s “First Film Network” operating and managing was suspected of piracy of almost all TV programs and TV drama works of Happy Sunshine. NetDragon Computer Company has suspected that the pirated version of Happy Sunshine has more than 800 works. This may be one of the most serious intellectual property infringement actions in China's Internet listed companies. Of course, the reason that prompted Happy Sunshine Company to put this matter into the media was that, except for the fact that the infringement was extremely serious, it was mainly because NetDragon Corp. had a very bad attitude after the court judged the infringement and did not take the initiative to fulfill its obligation of compensation. It is reported that there are other copyright owners suing NetDragon computer company for piracy cases. After the verdict went into effect, NetDragon also did not take the initiative to perform.

According to the news, 91 mobile assistants are also suspected of pirating hundreds of movies and TV series from companies such as Beijing Shengshi Sun Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology Co., Ltd., LeTV Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Success Multimedia Communication Co., Ltd. His works include New Journey to the West, New Water Margin, New Kingdom Romance, New Dream of Red Mansions, Daming Dynasty 1566, Twilight City 2, Dragon Gate A, and People "Tour", "Orphan" and a large number of well-known film and television works, suspected of piracy is extremely serious. At the same time, 91 Panda reading books also suffered a large number of infringement lawsuits because of suspected pirated versions of text works. The 91 mobile assistant's music section was also taken by the relevant company for evidence preservation measures because of alleged infringement. Some companies have launched infringement lawsuits against 91 mobile assistants.

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