Dehao is eager to take the "boat" into the market, and NVC is instructed to enter the room.

"We are a family now." On January 16, Huang Hui, chairman of Jilin NVC Lighting Co., Ltd. said: "A few days ago, we went to Shenzhen to participate in the briefing session of Dehao Runda (002005.SZ). Wang Donglei (Chairman of Dehao Runda) spoke very well, their products are not bad, we are very excited."

NVC Lighting (02222.HK)'s sales network claims that China's lighting industry has the widest coverage and the strongest strength. It has always been the "protection god" of NVC lighting founder Wu Changjiang, and promoted NVC as the first brand of Chinese lighting. With the transfer of shares to Dehao Runda by Wu Changjiang at the end of 2012, Dehao Runda could not wait to take the “ship” into the market.

However, on the same sales network, will NVC lighting LED products collide with Dehao Runda's LED products? What kind of bureau is Wu Changjiang in the end? Will NVC lighting, which has just experienced civil strife, lead the wolf into the room? These questions remain to be answered.

Channel is bait

The marketing channels throughout the country not only achieved NVC lighting, but also repeatedly saved Wu Changjiang, always determining his survival in NVC lighting at critical moments.

At the end of 2012, Dehao Runda invested in NVC Lighting, and its value was also its channel. On January 10, 2013, Wang Donglei did not hide his intention: “Derhao Runda’s LED products will quickly enter the channel of NVC lighting.”

What kind of charm does this channel have, so that it attracts Dehao Runda? According to public information, as of the end of June 2012, NVC Lighting has 36 exclusive regional distributors, and 3,029 NVC stores cover 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. In addition, NVC Lighting has 19 overseas distributors covering 19 countries and regions around the world.

Perfect channels have enabled NVC lighting to achieve leapfrog development. After its establishment in 1998, it quickly became the first brand in China's lighting industry. NVC Lighting Annual Report shows that its sales revenue in 2011 reached 589 million US dollars (about 3.66 billion yuan), an increase of 120 times compared with sales of less than 30 million yuan in 1999.

NVC Lighting's sales model is not a direct form, it quickly achieves network layout by supporting dealers in various regions. At the same time, NVC Lighting has set up more than 10 departments in the sales center of the headquarters, which has formed a cross-win situation of logistics support for the distributors of various regions and the provision of financing for NVC. In the process of channel construction, Wu Changjiang also formed a deep personal relationship with the channel dealers. In 2005, the three founders of NVC were separated and the 2012 storm, Wu Changjiang relied on the support of dealers to finally reverse the situation.

It was under the support of dealers that in September 2012, Wu Changjiang returned to NVC Lighting to become the head of temporary operations. After the heavy reign of the NVC, it was born to rely on the channel as a bait, and carried out a seemingly thrilling "sporting".

For the channel of NVC lighting, it is very popular. In 2011, Schneider's entry into NVC Lighting as the third largest shareholder was due to the use of NVC lighting channels to sell products. Schneider and NVC Lighting signed a cooperation agreement stating that Schneider Electric sells Life Space products through NVC Lighting's extensive distribution network. NVC Lighting distributors said that Schneider Electric's electrical products are currently being sold through NVC Lighting.

Similarly, Dehao Runda, which is expected to make a breakthrough in the lighting industry, has long been coveted by NVC. In 2012, after the conflict between Wu Changjiang and Safran Investment, Schneider and other shareholders, Dehao Runda paid close attention. In the chaos, Wang Dongming discovered the business opportunity. He said frankly: "We have been pondering for a long time. NVC has the strongest lighting channel and the stock price is low. (In August 2012, when the internal disputes were fierce, NVC Lighting's share price hit HK$0.71. The lowest point) is a good time to enter. "One wants to enter, one feels physically and mentally tired and ready to change the way to play. At this time, Wu Changjiang also had the idea of ​​transferring equity, and the two sides hit it off. For the LED lighting products to enter the channel of NVC lighting, Wang Donglei said that it was not proposed by us, but NVC lighting proposed.

Based on the consideration of NVC lighting channels, Wang Donglei finally implemented the plan to acquire Wu Changjiang's equity at the end of 2012, becoming the single largest shareholder of NVC Lighting. At present, Wang Donglei has successfully entered the NVC Lighting Board and became a non-executive director.

More than ten days after the announcement of the acquisition, Dehao Runda has eagerly invited NVC lighting channel vendors to participate in the product briefing session. Wang Donglei’s abacus is accelerating.

Leading the wolf into the room?

After the transfer of equity to Dehao Runda, Wu Changjiang, who regards NVC lighting as his life, lost his first shareholder status and currently holds only 6.79% of NVC Lighting.

However, through the private placement of Dehao Runda, Wu Changjiang has become the second largest shareholder of Dehao Runda. Wu Changjiang and Dehao Runda have in fact become concerted actors. Wang Donglei admitted to the media that after becoming the single largest shareholder, Dehao Runda will dominate the development of NVC Lighting. Wu Changjiang's role is the leader, and we fully support him.

Based on the support of Dehao Runda, on January 11, Wu Changjiang was re-appointed as CEO on the board of directors of NVC Lighting. According to relevant sources, Wu Changjiang returned to NVC Lighting Board of Directors is also in the process of going through the process. In addition, Wu Changjiang will also find a place in the board of DHL Runda. On January 16th, the staff of Dehao Runda’s secretarial office told reporters that the private placement has not been completed yet, and the procedure is still in progress. It is possible to realize Wu Changjiang’s membership as a board member after the program has finished.

After some vacillation, Wu Changjiang himself not only found a place in Dehao Runda, but also got his wish to regain control of NVC. But for the future of NVC lighting, is Wu Changjiang introducing a "wolf" that is about to eat NVC lighting?

Wang Donglei himself said that he does not look at the traditional lighting industry, and even believes that traditional lighting will die. In addition to channels, NVC Lighting's main share is traditional lighting. According to the 2011 annual report, LED lighting products accounted for only 2% of NVC Lighting, sales revenue of 2.5593 billion US dollars decreased by 4.1%, and pre-tax profit of 0.1176 billion US dollars decreased by 75.1%.

Liu Feng, an analyst at Southwest Securities, believes that NVC lighting needs to expand in the field of LED lighting products in the future. However, he also said that the LED lighting products industry has been extremely irregular in recent years, and it is not easy for NVC lighting to expand. In fact, NVC Lighting has also made great efforts in the LED lighting industry. In March 2011, NVC Lighting released the most recent LED lighting application types including LED light source and LED outdoor products at the Huizhou base. In the same month, NVC Lighting also signed a strategic agreement with American Cree, and Cree will provide assistance for NVC Lighting with its expertise in LED chips and packaging. In addition, Wu Changjiang has repeatedly claimed that NVC Lighting should build the LED industry chain.

But after Dehao Runda enters the market, will the LED blueprint of NVC Lighting be affected? At present, Dehao Runda has signed an agreement with Whirlpool Corporation of the United States to help it expand the LED lighting products market in Europe and the United States. In this way, the domestic relying on NVC, foreign relying on Whirlpool, Dehao Runda cleverly stepped on a double boat. Wang Donglei said that LED lighting technology will dominate the industry chain in the future. The future cooperation model is very simple. We first use NVC's channel to sell our light source products, and then quickly help them complete the transformation to the LED industry. However, for the fiercely competitive lighting industry, once the lighting products of the Dehao Runda (bulb lamps, lamps) can be quickly spread through the channels of NVC lighting, and the brand image is established, the lighting of the NVC lighting brand How much space does the product have in the future?

It is also questionable how NVC will deal with the company's relationship with DeHao Runda's companies such as Cree, which competes in LED chips and packaging. In this regard, NVC has not responded.

Wang Donglei once said that the future of NVC Lighting is how to achieve transformation as soon as possible. However, some insiders believe that Wang Donglei has obtained the most important channel resources. After the sales channel of Dehao Runda has been found, the NVC lighting business based on traditional lighting is not important to him. NVC Lighting is in the field of LED lighting. The development will be more subject to the strategic considerations of Dehao Runda.

In addition to the above issues, other difficult problems will emerge in the near future. Such as the relocation of the headquarters of Wu Changjiang and the second largest shareholder Saifu investment in 2012; after the shareholding of Dehao Runda, the composition of the board of directors and the reconciliation of the positions of the two factions, etc., are due to the shareholding ratio of the two parties. Close and add more variables.

In this regard, as of press time, Safran Investment and Wu Changjiang did not respond, but for Huang Hui and other NVC lighting dealers, the brow can be stretched. The channel of NVC Lighting is becoming the sales platform for NVC, Dehao Runda and Schneider, which is full of temptation for dealers in the lighting industry.

(This article is reproduced on the Internet. The texts and opinions expressed in this article have not been confirmed by this site, nor do they represent the position of Gaogong LED. Readers need to verify the relevant content by themselves.)

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