Wuhan: "National Wind" lighting is not good for "European and American style"

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Lighting Channel" magazine January issue / Liao Tie]

From the antique "retrofit" pavilions and towers to the long-sleeved Tang suits and Han costumes, no matter where you go, you can see the traces of ethnic elements in all walks of life. Retro roads bring unlimited business opportunities to many businesses, so when the lighting products meet the national wind, what kind of sparks will they encounter?

" National style " market is not strong
Jingxiangyun, located on the 3rd floor of Block B of Nanguo·Da Wuhan Home Furnishings, is a lighting store specializing in ethnic wind lighting. Compared with other European lighting stores, the business of this store is slightly deserted.

“The entire store has an area of ​​600 square meters, which is quite large in the Chinese lighting store. There are many lighting styles, except for hanging lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, and more distinctive screen lamps and bowl lamps. It can be said that the size of our store is also in the front of the big Wuhan home decoration.” Speaking of the advantages of Jing Xiangyun, the store owner Fu Guikun is quite proud of it. “We also use LED lighting technology, in many LED light sources are used in the lamps and lanterns. When introducing to customers, in addition to playing national brands, we also mention the energy-saving and green environmental protection features of LED lamps."

“But the sales in the last month only completed more than 20 orders, and the rent and operating costs were calculated. In fact, they did not make any money.” When the reporter further inquired about the sales situation of the store, Fu Guikun looked worried.

According to Fu Guikun, the current buyers prefer lighting with fashion elements, and the “national wind” is no match for the “European and American style”. In the lighting and lighting industry, the sales of European and American style lamps are not good enough, and the sales of ethnic wind lamps are weak and weak in the entire lighting market.

"The use of LED technology is a bright spot, but the national wind lighting products are not the same as the European and American fashion style lamps. The main reason is not whether LED technology is used, but whether consumers can agree", Hanlai Plaza Yiguang Lighting Technology Department Manager Yin Ming analyzed this.

The national wind element lamps are struggling in marketing. On the one hand, they are not related to their own propaganda efforts. On the other hand, they are also inextricably linked with the current domestic architectural decoration style. Whether in architecture or home improvement, China has long used Western countries as a model for learning, which invisibly affects the style of home decoration in China. Under such a macro environment, it seems quite difficult for ethnic style lighting products to raise a banner in the lighting industry.

Who is the " national wind " companion?

“The buyers who book products in our store include some Chinese restaurants and teahouses. In terms of individual consumers, they are mostly composed of consumers with certain economic strength, higher taste and cultural level.” Fu Guikun told reporters.

According to Fu Guikun, the demand for ethnic style lighting in Chinese restaurants and teahouses is rigid, and the national-style lamps are just in harmony with the atmosphere of their business premises. However, for individual consumers, the national style lamps will be higher in price than the ordinary style lamps, but the national wind lighting often contains allusions and meanings, and those with higher knowledge and culture level have traditional Chinese traditions. The culture is relatively well understood, and its economic ability is more advantageous than ordinary people. Therefore, this group of people has a high sense of identity for the lighting products of the national elements with deep cultural connotations.

In response to the situation mentioned by Fu Guikun, “Gudianxuan”, “Golden Powder Lighting” and “Former Tang Fengyun” and other stores have expressed the same view. It is understood that most of the major customers of the above stores are from high-income families or wealthy businessmen in the province. These consumers have strong economic consumption ability or have special hobbies for Chinese traditional culture, so they have also become the elements of consumer ethnicity. The main force of lighting products.

It is worth worrying that although such consumer groups can promote the development of national wind lighting products in terms of actual demand and consumption power, their share of consumption in the entire market is still very small, so this kind of consumer behavior is difficult to affect the whole. The trend of the lighting consumer market. The "national style" in the actual competition can not compete with the market share of foreign lamps, quite a bit of "yangchun white snow" is difficult to know the taste.

Close to the consumer
“In the beginning, we saw that there were many enterprises that used national style lighting in the coastal areas, and the mainland did not form a relatively mature national wind element lighting market.” Xiaodongmen Yijia Square “Guduanxuan” ancient lighting factory is responsible for Chen Peixin told reporters that "in recent years, many companies have begun to operate ethnic winds, which indicates to some extent that such products still have room for development in the market."

Retro, has always been a trick of trial and error in various industries. Although compared with other mainstream lighting products, ethnic style lamps seem to be somewhat unloved by consumers, but perhaps because of the nationalization and folklore of their styles, it seems that the entry point to enter the market seems to be more than other concepts. The brightest move of the door is more promising.

The “Gu Dengxuan” lighting brand, which has been positioned in the national customs since the beginning of the store, has a history of 6 years in Wuhan. “Incorporating the elements of national style and innovating in style, the market will have it.” Chen Peixin said with confidence. “In today’s increasingly homogenized lighting products, consumers can have a look at our lighting products. A new feeling, then our goal is achieved."

According to Chen Peixin, over the past few years, the company has paid more and more attention to the construction and promotion of its own brand, and has continuously innovated in the lighting materials and styles. By combining the use of LED light source technology, it has also benefited from the continuous improvement of consumers' income levels. The sales performance of the Gu Deng Xuan brand is generally at an upward level. Through appropriate marketing methods, more buyers have recognized the national wind lighting products.

Some enterprises that operate ethnic lighting fixtures say that it takes time for national wind lighting products to be recognized by the entire market. It is necessary to establish a foothold on national brands and to understand the actual needs of consumers. As long as we start from these two aspects, perhaps the popularity of national wind lighting products is just around the corner.

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