Air China was first approved to open wireless LAN in the cabin

Air China announced yesterday that China's first 737-800 passenger aircraft equipped with an in-flight wireless LAN had successfully conducted a charter flight over Beijing on the 11th. Air China became the first domestic airline to obtain an operating license from the Civil Aviation Administration of the country.

According to media reports, China Eastern Airlines will also introduce wide-body passenger jets that can access broadband networks. China Eastern said that from the 10th, China Eastern will introduce an Airbus A330-300 wide-body airliner to fly on the Wuhan-Beijing route. The laptop can be connected to broadband for Internet access, online listening to songs, watching movies, etc.

According to a press release issued by Air China, the wireless LAN on Air China's aircraft allows passengers to use their own mobile laptops and tablets to access the wireless network onboard, providing passengers with brand new air network services. In addition to rich entertainment content such as movies, music, and blue sky book bars, it also provides various business travel products such as tourism, shopping, hotels, car rental, etc. At the same time, it also creates a real social platform for passengers in the cabin, so passengers can interact more easily.

Earlier media reports said that Air China ’s in-flight LAN service may not be charged, but Air China did not disclose details about the cost in today ’s press release.

Air China also said that in the near future, Air China will further implement ground-air communication through the network, at which time passengers can access the Internet through the network and interact with the ground freely.

This aircraft will make its maiden flight on November 15, 2011. From November 15th to December 31st, 2011, it will be trial-operated on the Beijing-Chengdu line. The flights will be Beijing-Chengdu CA1405 / 1407 and Chengdu-Beijing CA1406 / 1408.

Air China will gradually promote in-flight wireless LANs throughout the fleet. The introduction of this service will change the current monotonous in-flight travel of passengers, so that passengers can enjoy the beautiful new service in the cabin network. Another thing to note is that for flight safety, the phone must still be turned off during the flight.

It is understood that at present, foreign airline giants such as Lufthansa and Qantas have already launched Internet services on some flights. Continental Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Airlines, announced that it plans to provide Wi-Fi wireless network services on more than 200 aircraft flying in the United States in 2012. Southwest Airlines plans to equip all aircraft with Wi-Fi Internet service by 2012.

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