How to ensure the security of video surveillance information under wireless transmission

With the rapid development of network technology and wireless technology, various network technologies and network products have emerged, and the application of wireless transmission technology is more and more accepted by all walks of life. As a special use method, wireless image transmission is gradually favored by users. Its convenient installation, strong flexibility, high cost performance, etc. make monitoring systems in more industries adopt wireless transmission to establish the connection between the monitored point and the monitoring center.

The traditional fire detection technology is mainly realized by sensors such as temperature sensing, smoke sensing and light sensing. Their independent feedback information makes it impossible to obtain fire information in time and is susceptible to factors such as space, geographical environment and climate. The development direction of the new intelligent network in the future must be to provide cheap fixed or mobile devices, low complexity, low cost and low power consumption wireless connection technology to meet the needs of various applications. At present, WIFI, WIMAX, 3G and other wireless broadband access technologies cover the entire city or major areas of the city, and provide broadband wireless access services for individuals, enterprises, governments and the entire society. As the city continues to expand wirelessly, Samsung Tyco Corporation R & D chief predicts that wireless video surveillance business is also an important part of it, and related cities will set off a climax of wireless surveillance.

Compared with traditional monitoring solutions, wireless monitoring has the following three advantages:

1. Low comprehensive cost, only one-time investment, no need to dig trenches and buried pipes, especially suitable for occasions with long outdoor distance and well-renovated; in many cases, users are often limited by geographical environment and work content, such as mountainous areas The special geographical environment such as port, port and open land has brought great inconvenience to the wiring project of wired network and wired transmission. The construction period using wired will be very long, or even impossible. At this time, using wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of the cable, which has the advantages of short installation cycle, convenient maintenance, strong capacity expansion, and rapid cost recovery.

2. Flexible networking, good scalability, plug-and-play, managers can quickly add new wireless monitoring points to the existing network, no need to lay network for new transmission, add equipment, and easily realize remote wireless monitoring .

3. Low maintenance costs, wireless monitoring and maintenance are maintained by the network provider, and the front-end equipment is a plug-and-play, maintenance-free system.

The wireless transmission technology has the advantages of flexible and convenient networking, quick start-up and low maintenance cost, so there is a huge market for its application. However, with the rapid development of wireless transmission technology, its security issues have attracted more and more attention. Although the wireless transmission devices on the security market currently use various mechanisms to enhance their security, many industry insiders have found that there are various security vulnerabilities in confidentiality agreements. For example, he cannot guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and integrity of data. Implement identity authentication for the accessed users.

Wireless monitoring raises privacy concerns

In the face of wireless monitoring, many people have expressed concerns. Due to the immature technology and imperfect system, wireless monitoring can only be used as an auxiliary means, it is impossible to play the leading role.

Industry insiders said: "3G is now relatively loud. 3G is actually a wireless transmission. It is a communication method. Although monitoring can be achieved everywhere, monitoring is confidential and private. Borrow Bill? Ci ’s famous saying “Internet will be everywhere”, I personally think that “in public places that do not involve personal privacy, video surveillance should be everywhere.” Public security, social security, school security, and prison security should all be strengthened in the future. Safe city is to ensure public safety. 3G surveillance has a big worry, it is a supplement to wired surveillance, auxiliary means, can not be used as the main means. First, limited resources, and second, many hidden problems, such as It is illegally used and violates the privacy of others. Therefore, improper 3G application will cause harm, and 3G monitoring applications need to be strictly regulated. From the current point of view, 3G monitoring technology, the current bandwidth is not enough, there are delays, jitter and other phenomena, the technology is still very Immature, it is impossible to sing the protagonist. "

As a new creature, the current construction of 3G networks is not smooth all the way. Although operators intend to invest enough funds, the problems encountered in the actual network construction process are also inevitable. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the prospect of 3G mobile video surveillance. In the immature 3G market, the development of wireless video surveillance business must do a good job at the government and enterprise levels.

As far as the government is concerned, do a good job of supervision, promote the healthy and coordinated development of the video industry, purify the network video environment, achieve the survival of the fittest and optimize the reorganization of resources, and refine the specifications; we must also rely on technical support, such as discovering legal standards more quickly and accurately , Tags, descriptions, a small section of bad video content; in the case of diversified and complicated network video management objects, the video should have accurate regulations and scope definition. Establish and improve relevant laws and regulations, regulate people's legal use of wireless video surveillance, and protect people's privacy and corporate interests.

At the enterprise level, R & D efforts need to be increased and video performance needs to be improved. To improve the video performance in the United States as the direction of research and development, China's 3G mobile terminal is the TD-SCDMA standard, WCDMA CDMA business and other standards coexist, only open US chips have strong compatibility and openness. Operators must work closely with terminal manufacturers and chip makers to provide video surveillance experiences that meet the needs of various customer groups and promote greater development of the business; operators should also take advantage of full-service operations to integrate fixed-line and mobile broadband resources , Complement each other, bundle, and provide satisfactory video surveillance services to various customer groups; also use price leverage, implement a reasonable profit-making business strategy, and quickly start the wireless video surveillance business, in order to form the climate as much as possible, so that the telecommunications industry is boosting Boost the economy.

It is believed that with the development of 3G technology and the continuous popularization of services, network signals covering the world and the growing maturity of mobile video surveillance systems and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, mobile video surveillance systems will surely usher in a broad market.

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