Analysis of the application prospect of optical sensors in mobile phones

At present, sensors have been widely used in smart phones, such as accelerators, gyroscopes, Magno meters, barometers, hygrometers, touch screens, etc. At the 2014 Asian Mobile Communications Expo, Austrian Microelectronics, which accounts for about 30% of the global smart integrated light sensor market share, demonstrated the application prospects of its light sensor solutions on mobile phones.

One is the ambient light and proximity detection sensor, which is used to improve the user experience and extend battery life. According to Jerry Koontz, Marketing Director of Austrian Microelectronics Optical Sensors and Lighting Business Department, Austrian Microelectronics' digital ambient light sensor can automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to changes in light, which can reduce power consumption by 30%. In addition, proximity detection simplifies human-machine communication through non-contact technology.

The second is the RGB color sensor. This sensor can cater to the visual experience needs of a higher precision human eye color sensor. Jerry Koontz said that the current color optical sensor is composed of an innovative silicon design and photodiode configuration, and has an infrared blocking filter optimized for the mechanical and optical design of the module to achieve an optical response similar to the human eye. Accurate RGB light and color temperature measurement to achieve monitor calibration and best picture quality, RGB color sensor supports ambient light sensing, improve the visual experience, and save energy.

The third is a gesture recognition sensor. The highly integrated gesture sensor using non-contact technology is a highly reliable and accurate non-contact user interface using photodiode technology. The sophisticated gesture engine can realize complex infrared gesture sensing, with infrared gesture perception, ambient light color perception The four-in-one module TMG3992 / 3 for proximity detection can be used for coupon redemption. Jerry Koontz said that the gesture recognition sensor circuit board area is less than 10 square millimeters, which is a highly integrated solution for optimizing the system. Configurable gesture commands make the application more flexible and will promote the development of the next-generation user interface.

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