Home theater selection guide

Home theater selection guide

Many friends who love movies and enjoy high-quality audio and video life are planning to buy a home theater to create a private audio-visual entertainment system. How do you choose the most suitable home theater equipment and layout acoustic environment according to your own situation? China Home Theater Network here summarizes a "Home Theater Selection Guide" for everyone, and hopes to provide a reference guide for the majority of home theater enthusiasts. If there is anything wrong, please leave a message or contact us through this site. Ways to give us feedback. In essence, home theater systems can reproduce theater-level viewing experiences. To do this, you need to:

1. At least 5.1 channel surround sound;

2. The largest specification HDTV or projection within the budget;

3. Broadband internet connection, easy to update the latest blockbuster.

Let's analyze one by one:

Home theater planning

Before purchasing, determine the best equipment that best fits your existing space, entertainment, and budget.

Create a home theater surround sound

Learn how to create a surround sound experience in your living room.

Streaming, online and radio programs

Determine the requirements for cable or satellite TV, streaming media, computers, games, and music.

Choose the right TV or projection

Study how to choose a plasma TV, LCD TV or projection, as well as screen size, 3D capabilities and connectors, including HDMI®.

Set up a home theater

Learn about room acoustics, cables, furniture, shelves, and more.

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