Application of smart home in burglar alarm technology

At present, almost all anti-theft alarm systems used in intelligent communities are the “factory settings” of the community. After the developer builds the house, the burglar alarm system is installed by the engineering company and the integrator, and as the end user. The owner does not have the right to know and choose the burglar alarm system. The burglar alarm system is more for the developer to improve the face selling point and added value of the face project. After the community has delivered it to the owner, the developer has already taken the ass and left, depending on whether the system is open or not, and they are basically indifferent.

Home burglar alarm application status

The choice of the burglar alarm system is in the developer and integrator, and the end user is the owner. This phenomenon of separation and purchase causes the purchaser to be indifferent to the quality stability of the system and the later service. The user also lacks the necessary system. To understanding. It can be said that it is basically ingenious. The products that were originally bought at a big price have almost become the collection of the high-rise.

The burglar alarm system is often sold and used as an industrial product. The degree of specialization of the product is high, the operation is complicated, and the application procedures such as passwords and programming are cumbersome. For many people with low educational level or older age, the correct use is compared. difficult. Even for a long time, there is no Chinese operating interface host in the world. Most of the manufacturers' products are directly copying the Western programming operation mode, while Westerners are used to adopt complex programming modes, even the menus are in English. These obviously do not conform to the cultural habits of the Chinese. The complicated operation makes the user daunting, and the acclimatization is also expected.

Some intelligent communities with anti-theft alarm system installed but not opened, the owners' feedback on the system is basically the same - too troublesome: remember passwords, disarming, disappointing, laborious and laborious. Every time you go home, press the “Disarm” button on the main unit and set the password. It’s exhausting. If the outsider doesn’t enter the password in time to unlock it, the alarm will ring, “noisy!” and some The system of the community guards, for a long time but did not guard to patrol, did not play its due effect. The guards are also full of bitterness: too many false positives, their warning of "the wolf is coming" has been numb.

In fact, as a general intelligent community burglar alarm system, its technology has long been mature, and it has a wide range of applications in our daily lives. The shackle of the burglar alarm system is also the result of the lack of popularity of the burglar alarm concept in the entire industry. Different from the terminal electronic consumer products, the burglar alarm is indeed a professional industry. From the sales link to the purchase and use, it is an industry behavior, and the end consumers know very little!

Anti-theft alarm technology application case

In the average family, the balcony and main entrance of the bedroom and living room are in the most vulnerable location, followed by the kitchen and the study window (since the study and the kitchen are generally unmanned, especially at night, and we usually do not have The habit of closing the kitchen window is easy to become the entrance of the thief; again the master bedroom, children's room and bathroom;

At this point, we have already knowed the areas that need to be guarded, and at the same time, the primary and secondary levels of the prevention area have also been determined.

Determining the prevention method and equipment of the defense zone and each zone

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