Dongfeng Renault implements Lync sound optimization to enjoy high quality international conference


   Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in the Golden Gate Industrial Park of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. Dongfeng Motor and Renault signed a cooperation agreement. Dongfeng Company holds a 55% stake in Dongfeng Renault and Renault holds a 45% stake. Both parties will pass the Dongfeng Renault. The capital increase will eventually form a joint venture with a semi-shareholding. The goal of both parties is to build the joint venture into a globally competitive car manufacturer.

status quo:

   Users have deployed Microsoft's UC unified platform communication Lync as a daily communication tool for employees.

Users often hold international conferences and conduct Lync conferences with foreign branches, but the conference sounds are not satisfactory.


   When the meeting is held, optimize the sound effect of the meeting to avoid the normal operation of the meeting due to the sound problem. Realize international conferences through Lync, and integrate with Skype for easy management.


   Zhizheng is the general agent of Polycom audio products in China. According to the needs of users, the technical department has negotiated to provide users with a set of optimization plans. Two Sonus SBC 1000s are deployed in the user's computer room to realize the docking of domestic and foreign dedicated lines. The purpose of the conference was to deploy the Polycom CX 600 on the leadership desktop and deploy the Polycom CX 3000 in the conference room to optimize the sound effects during the conference and to increase the user's conference experience.

Function realization:

   Unique sound processing technology to solve the sound problems in the conference room. Give users the most comfortable experience. Polycom products realize the integration of Microsoft Lync and Skype, which is easy to manage and convenient.

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