Analysis: Characteristics and application examples of Cartesian coordinates robot

Cartesian robots, also known as single-axis robots, industrial robot arms, electric cylinders, etc., are based on the XYZ rectangular coordinate system. The single-axis robot arm driven by servo motor and stepper motor is the basic working unit. The rod, the timing belt and the rack and pinion are robot systems constructed by the common transmission mode, which can complete the arrival and follow the controllable motion track at any point in the XYZ three-dimensional coordinate system.

Features of Cartesian robot:

1. Degree of freedom motion, the angle between the spaces of each motion degree is a right angle;

2, automatic control, can be repeated programming, all movements are run according to the program;

3, generally consists of control system, drive system, mechanical system, operating tools and so on.

4, flexible, multi-functional, because the different functions of the operating tools are also different.

5. High reliability, high speed and high precision.

6, can be used in harsh environments, long-term work, easy to operate and maintain.

Application of Cartesian Robot:

As an automated robot system solution with low cost and simple system structure, Cartesian machines can be used for dispensing, dispensing, spraying, palletizing, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading and unloading, assembly. Common industrial production fields such as printing and printing have significant application value in terms of replacing labor, improving production efficiency, and stabilizing product quality.

For different applications, there are different design requirements for Cartesian robots. For example, different transmission modes are selected according to the requirements of accuracy and speed. Different clamping devices ( clamps , claws) are selected for the end working head according to specific process requirements. , mounting brackets, etc., as well as design choices for teaching programming, coordinate positioning, visual recognition and other working modes, so that it can meet the application requirements of different fields and different working conditions.

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