Led jewelry lighting package development direction

Led jewellery lighting has a lot of light that cannot be illuminated from the LED jewellery chip to the outside. For this purpose, a silicon-based transparent resin with a refractive index between the air and the LED jewellery chip is applied to the surface of the chip. The surface of the transparent resin is angled so that the light can be efficiently emitted, which can increase the luminous efficiency to twice the original product.

At present, for the conventional epoxy resin, due to high thermal resistance and poor UV aging resistance, it is also a trend to develop high-passivity, heat resistance, high thermal conductivity, ultraviolet resistance, solar radiation and moisture resistance. In terms of solder, it is necessary to adapt to environmental protection requirements to develop lead-free low-melting solders, and further development of solders with better thermal conductivity and less stress on LED lighting chips is an important issue. Led ceiling lamp manufacturers

1 uses a large area chip package. Replacing a small chip package of 0.3mm x 0.3mm with a large chip of 1mm x 1mm, under the circumstance that the current density of the chip injection can not be greatly improved, the use of large-area chip packaging technology is a major development trend.

2 Develop new packaging materials. The development of new high thermal conductivity materials, so that the working current density of led jewelry lighting chips is 5 to 10 times. As far as the current trend is concerned, metal substrates mainly choose materials with high thermal conductivity, such as aluminum, copper and even ceramic materials, but the thermal expansion coefficients between these materials and chips are quite different. If they are directly contacted, it is very difficult because When the temperature rises, the stress generated between the materials causes reliability problems, so an intermediate material having both a conductivity coefficient and a coefficient of expansion is generally used as a space between the materials.

3 multi-chip integrated package. At present, large-size chip packages still have problems such as uniform illumination and heat dissipation, and high-power LED jewelry lighting using a conventional chip for tantalum density combination packaging can obtain a higher luminous pass mother, which is practical and promising. The high power led jewelry illuminates the solid light source. The small chip process is relatively mature, and various aluminum substrates with high thermal conductivity insulating interlayer facilitate chip integration and heat dissipation.

4 flat modular package. The planar modular package is another development direction of the packaging technology. The advantage of this package is that the module is composed of a light source, and its shape and size have great flexibility. It is very suitable for indoor light source design, cascading and communication between chips. Break protection is a difficult point. The flat modular package is a viable way to get more attention to led jewelry lighting.

Technical features

1. Preeminent effects: Clear and stable pictures without distortion and disturbance.


quality: adopting first-class chips and wafers imported from abroad

3. Flexible form: continuity, overlying, combination of dynamic and static playing, various effects include rolling moving, typewriting, gradual changing and so on

4. off-line running function: adopting the monolithic design technology and computer string communication way, which can operate in off-line state setting the dates and revising a data via the telephone line

Technical Parameters
Multi language: English/Spanish/Russia/Inter.char.set-.. 

1)High Brightness, user can change the advertising words whatever you want, easy and convenient in operation, more attactive compared with traditional banner.

2) The led moving sign display supports many kinds of languages and characters.

3) A lot of lively animation icons are built-in. 50 and more action effects for user option; Different brightness can be adjusted in software.

4) Time clock format, support date, countdown and any other odditional functions like temperature and humidity. Voltage input: 220v or110v.

5) led moving sign display Structure: well appreance frame, professional pendents, standard connectors and other accessories.



Service propaganda in finances, post offices, telecom, commerce, hospitals, sports stadiums

Policies and decrees issued from government organizations

Instructions, guidance and information issuance in airports and railways

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