Experts talk about plant lighting

In 2004, the National Afforestation Committee and the State Forestry Administration launched the “National Forest City” assessment. As of June 18, 2011, a total of 31 cities across the country were elected. In recent years, with the changes in the way residents work and the demand for urban green space, people not only hope that during the day, but also hope to enjoy the beautiful plant landscape at night. If garden plant landscaping is a scientific art, then garden plant landscape lighting is the opposite, it is the science of art.
Zhang Wei, a professor at the Institute of Light Environment at Tsinghua University, once compared the design and experimental design of Janet Moyer, a member of the International Association of Lighting Designers, and Ramdall, a member of the International Association of Lighting Engineers. Explore the design style of plant-themed landscape lighting.
Zhang Wei believes that plant-themed landscape lighting design should help people define their position in space and time; lighting should be an inseparable part of landscape design, lighting should support the intention of landscape design when choosing its form, color and materials; lighting Information exchange should be met and promoted, and meaningful information should be conveyed; the basic form of performance lighting should be original.
Then, in actual operation, when we design light for plants, what should be the science of this art should be? Is it also the main body of other lighting, like architecture, stage, interior, but also the method of style, the pursuit of style ? Let's listen to the experts talking about plant lighting!
Is plant lighting a way of speaking?
The plant landscape takes into account the posture of the day when it is exposed to the sun. The lighting designer considers the scene of the planting with the light at night: whether there is a special position for the lamp, the method, and even the landscape designer's shaping of the plant shape. Claim?
Wang Youjiang: Yes. In general, plant lighting should pay attention to two aspects, one is the way, the other is technology. Many people think that plant lighting is based on the height of a tree, the size of the crown, and arbitrarily choose a fixture to illuminate it. In fact, this is a wrong statement. In fact, for example, a tree planted in a park is not planted at random, it is related to the layout of the landscape and the composition of the space. When we are doing the lighting of the whole landscape, we must consider the role of the landscape after the trees are lighted, and the light pollution of the lights passing by the pedestrians around the trees. Plant lighting must not only be in harmony with the entire landscape, but also consider the safety and visual experience of pedestrians. Secondly, because plant lighting is basically an outdoor landscape lighting, to prevent the safety of lamps, the relevant government departments are very concerned about the safety of machinery and equipment in outdoor lighting projects. In order to prevent the theft of the luminaire, this technology requires lighting. For example, a traditional light source luminaire will have a thief in mind because of the electrical wires inside it, and a new light source, such as an LED, can be used to steal the thief and sell it.
Wang Lixiong: In planting, paying attention to the matching of plants, landscape architects should understand this knowledge and express these landscapes through artificial lighting.
Unlike other lighting, will plant landscape lighting be more shaped to mimic the effects of sunlight or moonlight?
Wang Youjiang: Plants are colorful, so it is not limited to which specific color. However, plant lighting should be cautious in the choice of color, especially when using special colors, it needs to pay enough attention, such as green light. Many city managers asked us why the green trees in the daytime were lit up with lights in the night, but they turned into green and faint fake trees. So some people suggested that if the green light is not good, then white light will be used, and white light will not be restored. Is there any problem? But there is another problem here. The green tree is hit by white light. The effect is not green, but it is a bit pale. In this case, we can consider putting a small amount of white light next to the green light, diluting the green light and trying to restore the true color of the tree.
In the use of color, since the trees are colorful, then in addition to green and white light, many colors of light can be used, but we must pay attention to coordination. For example, the planting of trees in the garden is layout, composition, and when using color lighting at night, it is necessary to pay attention to the effect of color changes in the whole.
Wang Lixiong: For trees, sometimes the effect of imitating the moonlight is illuminated. The artificially illuminated light is directed downward from the top of the tree, and the tree shadow is projected onto the ground. It is not very common to imitate the effect of solar radiation, mainly because the brightness requirement is high and it is difficult to achieve.
The objects of outdoor plant lighting mainly include trees, flower beds and green spaces. What are the similarities and differences between them for lighting design?
Wang Youjiang: The landscape design of the garden is generally divided into three levels: high, medium and low. Trees, flower beds and green spaces belong to three different levels of high, medium and low. Therefore, when designing lighting, different scenes need to adopt different methods. Trees also have trees and shrubs, and their heights are not the same. Therefore, when lighting these trees and flowers, we must first take care of the different needs of the three levels, and secondly, decorate the lights according to the theme. Strive to achieve a clear hierarchy, the main and the next.
Wang Lixiong: The trees still illuminate the canopy mainly by projecting from the bottom to the top; the plants of the flower beds are generally low in height, and the lawn lamps can be placed therein for internal illumination, or the garden lights can be used for external illumination; the green spaces can generally be used for lawn lights or The boundary delineation method is used for lighting, and the sloped part is sometimes washed with floodlight.
What should you pay attention to when designing indoor plant landscapes?
Wang Lixiong: I understand that indoors is generally a brighter space. Plant landscape lighting should pay attention to the color rendering of the light source in order to more realistically depict the posture and color of the plant.
Does plant lighting tell the details?
Plants are constantly changing and growing, such as changes in the color of the leaves during the winter and summer, changes in the posture during flowering and germination, and changes in the appearance of other small plants derived from the bark. Does this have any special requirements for lighting design?
Wang Youjiang: This is for sure. The lighting of plants needs to consider the changes of the four seasons, but also the differences in regional phenology. For example, in the winter in the north, if you plant green light and try to make green oil, isn’t it ridiculous? So we need to recognize who is the protagonist in the landscape of the city? For example, in the landscape of the main road of the city, the plant is not the main composition element, the building is. The architecture is artistic, and its volume changes are relatively large. People look at the past as a landscape.
Relatively speaking, the height of a tree canopy is generally about 5 meters. It is impossible to form a tree or a few trees, and there may be problems. Just as many leaders look for the landscape lighting of our trees, we usually recommend that the building be lighted first, then make some appropriate decorations on the plants at the corresponding intersections, and the effect will come out immediately.

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