Power Supply Bureau new production scheduling building lighting scheme

[Source: "High-tech LED-Lighting Market" October issue]

First, the effect design

The night lighting effect design of the power dispatching building relies on a very unique building structure, and adopts the form of building streaming media to present the unique landscape, sports and leisure human environment of the city. The design fully considers the diversified use of power building lighting in the future urban culture expression, Lushan block image enhancement, power brand promotion, etc., and can flexibly develop different lighting animation solutions to meet the urban and power system lighting demand.

Second, the lighting design points

1. Difficulties in lighting design:

1.1 The luminaire and the curtain wall are placed at right angles, and the light is not easily projected onto the curtain wall. For this purpose, the luminaire is designed with a light guide plate to effectively reflect the light onto the curtain wall.

1.2 Installation structure problem: The space for installing the luminaire on the curtain wall is limited, only about 30mm; the shape of the luminaire needs to be within 25mm, so the advanced electronic circuit is built on the luminaire design, and the luminaire shape can be required without affecting the performance of the luminaire. ;

1.3 Lighting investment must be saved, reduce power consumption. If general lighting is used, when the light is turned on, light spots will be formed on the surface of the curtain wall. The lighting is uneven and the effect is not good. Therefore, the installation quantity of the lamps must be very dense, the investment is too large, and the power consumption is excessive. high.

1.4 Glare treatment: Since the lamps and curtain walls are installed at right angles, people standing in front of the curtain wall will look directly at the front of the curtain wall, which will cause glare due to the difference in visual brightness, which will cause visual fatigue and discomfort. The designer used the company's patented technology to solve the glare problem perfectly.

Light expression:

2. Applied lighting technology

2.1 Reflective compound eye illumination technology: the light diffusion surface is amplified, which is wider than the general light source, the light is not concentrated on the point, but all the light spots cover each other to form a light coverage surface, even if the sunlight plate itself has a light tortuous characteristic, Using this technology, after testing, the effect is good.

Fuyang Power Supply Building Lighting and Installation Diagram:


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