Technological sense in automotive lighting systems

The update speed of automotive peripheral products is constantly rising, and domestic automotive technology is also developing rapidly. Therefore, various automotive peripherals and smart accessories have appeared in front of us. For example, OBD boxes (collectively referred to as products) And HUD equipment (collectively referred to as each HUD product). Although the appearance of these products has added N times the sense of technology to the car, Zhijujun believes that the practicality remains to be verified. The smart headlight lighting system that appeared some time ago doesn't know if you have installed the smart partner. I don't know if you have a very pleasant experience with the headlights of the smart car.

Car Intelligent Light System - intelligent lighting control <br> <br> little friends should know that the car is in need of light to illuminate the night driving the process, of course, there are other means of on-board warning lights and reminders, intellectual drive Jun is here for the time being and does not explain the part. We mainly talk about the intelligent operation of the front lighting system. Nowadays, the popular automatic headlights belong to the category of automatic lighting systems.

The car intelligent lighting system is controlled by a car light sensor to control the headlight switch of the car. In fact, this principle is very simple, just like the photosensitive tube technology that we came into contact with when we were in junior high school. But smart lighting technology is not just a matter of controlling the opening and closing of headlights. There is something technically above this basic knowledge. For example, some vehicles' intelligent lighting system can automatically control the height and angle of the left side light and the intensity of the illumination according to the distance from the opposite side of the vehicle. Once the wrong vehicle is completed, the original light angle position and brightness will be restored immediately. Some vehicles are detected by the front-illuminated radar when the high beam is not turned on. If an obstacle is detected, such as a vehicle or a pedestrian moving on the main road, such as berthing or slow-moving, the high beam is automatically turned to an infinity angle. Remind the driver to pay attention to the situation ahead.

The application of the vehicle intelligent lighting system in the car is more reliable than the car night vision system, and the modification is also relatively strong, and the modification of the car will be more convenient. In addition, in the dark, you only need to concentrate on the front and you are OK, you don't have to care about the control.

Smart car headlights - rain and snow in the realization umbrella <br> <br> Carnegie Mellon University in the United States before a research team developed a new prototype car headlight system, or "intelligent headlight" that can Improve visibility in heavy rain or snowstorms and help drivers get back home safely.

In low-light conditions, the driver mainly relies on the headlights to look at the road. The ordinary headlights will reduce the visibility during the rain, but the smart headlights will help the lights during the work without obstructing the line of sight. Let the driver have no pressure. In severe weather conditions, the general headlights cause bright flashing stripes of raindrops and snowflakes. The research team tried to find a light that eliminated raindrops or snowflakes in sight. The beam of the headlights shines around, not rain or snow, thus eliminating the irritating glare from standard headlights.

According to the study, the system's working range is about 13 feet in front of the headlights, which can digitally remove the rain and snow stripes in the captured image, directly improving the driver's visibility. The research team used a physics-based simulator to evaluate how the system can operate in all weather conditions. The simulation results show that it is possible to deal with different types of precipitation or snowfall and maintain more than 90% of the light throughput.

The appearance of the headlights of the car can ensure that the driver can use the high-tech treatment method in the rain and snow, minimize the impact of the rain and snow on the driver, and ensure the night of the rain and snow. The driver can also have a Safe driving environment. However, this system is currently only in the laboratory stage. The specific promotion and popularization will take a while, but the wisdom of the driver will infer that this system should first appear in a luxury car. For reasons, please brain Make up...

The wisdom of the car and the appearance of the smart headlight system have also confirmed the rapid development of automotive technology in recent years. However, it takes a while for the products of technology products to be popularized and popularized. During this time, the cost control and other issues will be the problems that the product development process will face. The in-vehicle intelligent lighting system is currently available for conversion on the market, but the smart headlight system still only plays in the lab. The safety of cars requires active safety technology. These two systems are also part of the active safety field. I hope that in the near future, both systems will be popularized on vehicles for our driving. Safety escort.

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