The 12th Summit Forum Intelligent Lighting and O2O Special: Jiamei Times talks about LED business photos how to deepen engineering channels

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Lu Qiujia] In the past two years, although the demand for LED lighting has grown rapidly, the LED penetration rate of domestic home lighting is still not high, and the engineering project is still the most important source of revenue for lighting companies.

There are two types of engineering channels in the industry: one is government-led municipal projects, such as street lights, landscape lighting, and energy-saving renovation of government offices; the other is commercial lighting. The current hottest projects are mainly concentrated in Shangchao. Energy-saving renovation projects for offices, hotels, and factories.

There are many uncertainties in the municipal engineering project. The first is the funding problem. Maybe because the funds are not in place, the project will be delayed or the project will be completed, but the final payment is difficult. Moreover, the municipal engineering project is limited, everyone wants to grab. This "fat" is limited by various factors such as the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and municipal engineering projects are generally difficult to take down. Therefore, many lighting companies have focused their attention on the field of commercial lighting energy-saving transformation.

Zhou Shuiming, general manager of Jiamei Times Marketing, said: "This year, Jiamei has strengthened cooperation with real estate developers, such as Xindi and Evergrande, and has become a partner of Jiamei, and has set up a design office to better serve the business project customers."

In addition to the company's own strategic layout, high-quality dealer channels can also help companies quickly open up the market, expand the brand's local visibility and influence, and greatly benefit the brand's development of local engineering channels.

“Jiamei is also continuing to develop dealer channels. This year, it will mainly expand the second and third-tier markets. And Jiamei has new products launched every year to ensure that the product line is continuously enriched and perfected.” Zhou Shuiming told reporters.

In addition to these external factors, enterprises must cultivate their internal strengths. "The engineering channel must put quality first. Once problems arise, the whole project will cause trouble, and it will have a negative impact on the enterprise itself." The person in charge of a project told the reporter.

Industry insiders expect that gas stations, toll stations, light box advertisements, station airports and military fields may be the focus of future LED engineering channels. At present, many places have begun to use LEDs, and the market base is still there. The most important thing to do now is to see who can gain the trust of the end customers.

The "Intelligent Lighting and O2O Channel Special Session" held in conjunction with the 2014 High-tech LED Exhibition will be held on September 27th from 14:00-17:30 in the Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair. At that time, Zhou Shuiming, the general manager of Jiamei Times Marketing, will discuss with many guests at the seminar on how to make the engineering channels deep.

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