Yiguang LED patents have been certified to break through 1000 pieces

As the world leader in LED packaging industry, Everlight has more than 1,600 patents and related applications, and has obtained the 1,000th patent in March this year. Its patented layout includes LED chips, phosphors, package design, LED lighting and various LED applications.

Everlight believes that only by continuously investing in R&D technology and product innovation, and constructing a rigorous patent layout will enable Everlight to become a leader in the LED industry. Everlight has always adopted a respectful position on the intellectual property rights of competitors. So far, it has reached a reciprocal licensing agreement with many global LED leaders to protect customers and protect their own rights and interests, and to bring more competitive products and services to customers. .

As the leader in Taiwan's LED packaging industry. In 2011, in terms of total revenue and revenue growth, Everlight continued to win the first LED industry in Taiwan. Everlight has a full line of product lines including High Power LEDs, Lamps, SMD/PLCC LEDs, Display, Infrared and lighting modules. "Energy saving, environmental protection and health" is the goal of Everlight Electronics since its inception. And "Yiguang LED Lighting" will continue to develop more LED lighting products for the application.

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solar &wind hybrid street lighting system have prominent advantages of compact design, energy saving and self-powering. In this system, wind turbine are complemented by solar power in supplying power for Led Lamp, as to its hybrid characteristics, which could provide a balance.It's advantages is that if rainy days,cannot use the sun power,then the wind power can work instead.It applies to the place where wind power is strong.

Solar Wind Hybrid Street Light

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