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Mobile phones, consumer electronics new things The next generation of BlackBerry bares out: Looks good

The Vietnamese website Tinh Te recently revealed a set of photos that appear to be RIM's next-generation BlackBerry. Of course, before RIM's official announcement, all this was just speculation.

Ten years after the e-commerce share can be more than half? Ma Yun Wang Jianlin 100 million bets
Years are coming soon, and it is also the time for various festivals to appear. The CCTV Economic People of the Year awards ceremony is very important in the industry, and it can be rated as elites or ashes in various industries. This year's good show happened to Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Alibaba Group, and Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda Group. It really was a big entrepreneur. “Playing with money” was hundreds of millions, but the time in ten years was a little longer. The question is: "Can electricity providers replace traditional store operations?"

Apple and Asian suppliers test HDTV design solutions

Several executives from Apple's suppliers stated that Apple has been testing some of the design options for large-screen HDTVs. Two of the people familiar with the matter said that Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. has been working on the design of new television and Sharp.

Catholic Pope releases first Twitter message

The charm of SNS's social life is sweeping any corner of the world. Obama, who won the US election, cannot do without this. Even now, 85-year-old Catholic Pope Benedict XVI has released the first Twitter message through his iPad tablet computer. It seems that there is no need to go to church to pray.

Facebook announces new privacy controls: Can privacy be hidden?

Although social networks are rampant, personal privacy is also a matter of users' interest. You may often suffer from sending a wrong message or an unfavorable picture. Facebook recently launched a number of new privacy controls, which are the latest efforts to resolve users’ concerns about personal information on Facebook. Previously Facebook’s privacy settings have been criticized for being too confusing.

Google Announces 2012 Search Keyword Ranking: Gangnam Style Second

Everyone would like to know that a man with a bellyful sensation repeated a few inexplicable lyrics and made a bobbling jump when he was galloping. The music video made in this way quickly became popular all over the world in 2012. According to the latest statistics, this video named "Gangnam Style" became the most watched YouTube video in the world. The number of viewings reached 822 million, exceeding Justin Bieber's "Baby". And it will undoubtedly become the second of Google's annual search keywords.

Jobs once said that "it is greedy to destroy Apple."

Jobs's departure can not but say that the impact of Apple's follow-up development, Apple lost the soul of innovation is not being loved by people. Steve Jobs, Apple’s late founder, said in an interview that it is not growth but greed that destroys Apple. But can that company not be greedy?

How much deep hatred did Apple and Microsoft fought for Office in the 15 years?

Speaking of Office, almost accompany the growth of many people. Once upon a time, this was the basic skill that would be required to compete for a position. For Microsoft, Office has long been a cash cow, and extending this office suite to the iOS platform will undoubtedly bring more revenue to Microsoft. However, if you want to do this, you must pass the Apple pass. If less than 30% of revenue is shared, it will prevent Microsoft from upgrading iOS SkyDrive on the App Store.

The new product line is the characteristic product of our company's production and development, mainly including the Anti-corrosive Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole,Solar Camera light,Cylindrical Intelligent Street Lamp,No power LED Module .

Anti-corrosive Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole Solar camera light

Cylindrical Intelligent street lampNo power LED module

1.Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole

The spinning pole is the use of foreign advanced spinning equipment,forming a whole without welding,forming a conical or profiled bar.And then polishing,remove surface oil,burr and indentation.Then after the quenching intensity,to T6 state,in line with international standards.The product never rust ,strong corrosion resistance,diversified surface treatment process,the appearance of simple fluid lines.Light weight and convenient installation and transportation,the rod body can be 100%recycling,low melting temperature.

Product features

â‘ Using spinning equipment advanced,the whole forming a non welding

â‘¡Product permanent does not rust,corrosion resistance

â‘¢Diversified surface treatment technology,make the appearance line succinct smooth

â‘£The light weight,convenient installation and transportation

⑤The rod body can be 100% recycling,melting temperature is low.

Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole

2.Camera street light

The camera street light is used to use the infrared network high definition intelligent ball's various features so that it can be widely used in the need of large-scale hd quality control of the site.

Functional properties

â‘ Smart Function:Smart Tracing,Smart Inspecting,Smart Road Monitor

â‘¡System Function:Smart Video,Smart Photo Enhancement

â‘¢Movement Function

â‘£Network Function

Camera street light

3.Intelligent Street Lamp 

Intelligent Street Lamps are also called intelligent lighting or smart street lights.It adopts the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system, so as to realize centralized control, operation and maintenance information and intelligent lighting of street lamps.The most advanced versions of Intelligent Street Lamps have been designed to create a happy atmosphere in roads, streets, squares and other places.The design of intelligent street lamps can only be designed by a wide range of discussions and environments that provide an aesthetic consistency.

Product feature


Monitoring urban environment conditions

Sensor norise

Air pollution sensor

Temperature/humidity sensor

Brightness sensor

Municipal construction monitor


Special crowed monitor

CMC monitor

Community security monitor

Municipal facilities monitor

3.Communication Services

Micro base station

Street lights embedded WIFI hot spot

4.Video Monitor

Security monitor

Vehicle monitor

5.Emergency Broadcast

Active of the external field radio monitoring center

6.Intelligent Lighting

Cellular cooling technology

Based on the luminance uniformity of light distribution

Intelligent single lamp/center controller

Variety of modular design lamp,holder is optional.

7.Information Release

Advertising exposure

Current politics news

Information release

8.Charging Column

Electric car

Electric bicycle

Intelligent street lamp

4. Led Module

● The unique acicular radiator,360 degree dissipation small wind resistance. High heat dissipation efficiency ensuring that the LED chip can work for 50000 hours.

● Color temperature 3000-6000K

● Light≥90LM/W

● Matching the 2.3.4 lane,tunnel and Landscape Lamp,floodlight dedicated lens.Ensure that intensity and uniformity.

● Glare index Signification reduce the original LED module size,removal of power supply problems.Low demands for application situation and installation personnel .More suitable for the transformation of traditional lamps.

Product features

â‘ The solid heat conduction,Plug-in package technology

â‘¡Alternating current method,Alternating current direct drive to overturn the traditional application.

â‘¢Avoid long-distance power.Transfer will have excess loss.

â‘£No power supply ACLED

⑤Customized LED lens

â‘¥Automatic dimming system intelligent.

⑦Wide application,flexible combination.

New Products Lighting Series

Aluminum Alloy Spinning Lighting Pole,Lightest Aluminum Alloy,Aluminum Alloy Torchlight,Lightweight Aluminum Alloy

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