Small brands of light quality and safety concerns

Small brands of light quality and safety concerns Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce conducted quality monitoring of lighting equipment products sold on the market.

The monitoring results show that the overall quality of lighting equipment in Beijing is in good condition, but there are still some problems with the quality of the goods. The main problems involved are that durability tests and other projects do not meet the requirements of relevant standards.

The quality problems are all safety issues. It is understood that the inspection of lighting products is mainly based on national mandatory standards. The tests mainly involve durability tests, disturbance voltages, and harmonic currents.

Among them, the durability test can test whether the luminaire may be damaged or unsafe in the process of use. If the harassing voltage is too high, it will affect the normal operation of the electronic equipment such as the TV being used. However, the harmonic current is too high. It may increase power consumption, and even cause overheating or fire accidents.

Chen Yansheng, chairman of the China Lighting Association, said that the three quality problems that emerged are all security issues. These problems have always existed in the lighting market, but the proportion will not be too high. Currently, in addition to mandatory certification, all departments need to effectively play a role in the monitoring of commodity quality in circulation and the compulsory withdrawal mechanism for unqualified products, and purify the consumption environment.

It is possible to select brand lamps. The types of lamps included in this monitoring result include ceiling lamps, energy-saving lamps, removable lamps, eye protection lamps, fluorescent table lamps, spiral self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, etc., involving brand names including Odile Lighting, Europe and the United States. , Huaxiong, graphics, Baoshida and other 14 batches of substandard products. The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce stated that it will handle the distribution units that sell substandard products during the monitoring in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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