The market speeds up the domestic LED packaging equipment to break through

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Research Review" magazine February issue Reporter / Tang Guirong ] Compared with the excessive dependence on imports of packaging equipment before 2010, in the past two years, domestic LED packaging equipment can be described as a breakout army in the LED industry. Out of the star fire.

If you think that foreign brands such as ASM, Musashi, and K&S are too expensive, you may be able to try domestic equipment now.

The reporter learned that in 2012, there were several equipment companies positioned in the high-end market in China. Nowadays, the packaging equipment market is not like the international brand dominated by a few years ago. A series of domestic packaging equipment such as solid crystal machine, wire bonding machine and dispensing machine have been introduced to the market one after another, and have been recognized by some mainstream packaging manufacturers.

The die bonding machine and the wire bonding machine are one of the core devices of the entire LED packaging equipment. Before 2010, the market of solid crystal and wire bonding machine was dominated by imported equipment such as ASM and K&S. After rapid development in recent years, a group of domestically produced products such as Cui Tao, Dazu Optoelectronics, Youguang Advanced and Xinyichang were represented. Equipment companies have risen rapidly and the overall market share has increased rapidly.

However, due to the overall performance of domestic solid crystal machines and wire bonding machines, compared with imported equipment, most LED packaging companies still favor imported equipment. The overall market share of domestic solid crystal and wire bonding machines is only 32%.

According to GLII data, the output value of LED packaging equipment in mainland China in 2012 was 8.6 billion yuan, but more than 70% of the shares were owned by foreign companies, especially in the high-end market, and international brands still dominated.

"Currently, Cuitao, Xinyichang and other equipment are still the first generation or second generation technology, and the risks remain." An industry insider stressed that domestic packaging equipment should break through, first of all, technically updated, closely linked to international packaging. The demand of the big factory changes.

On the surface, domestic packaging equipment is keen to break through and compete against the market share of foreign big manufacturers; in fact, the domestic packaging equipment is surging, and it is still in the wild era where market competition and elimination rules have not yet been established.

"In the past two years, domestic equipment companies have warned the price war, and it is easy for customers to lend money. Whether domestic packaging equipment can really break through, it still needs to wait for a while." Wu Rong, general manager of Shenzhen Langpuike Photoelectric Co., Ltd. said.

Packaging market speed

The breakthrough of domestic equipment stems from the tremendous changes in the LED packaging market. On the one hand, the rapid growth of the LED packaging industry; on the other hand, it comes from the situation that the packaging market “increases no increase”, which leads to the cost reduction becoming the top priority of the enterprise, and the domestic equipment is undoubtedly the first choice.

Since the second half of 2012, a number of LED packaging listed companies including Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Hongli Optoelectronics, Wanrun Technology, Jufei Optoelectronics, Cinda Optoelectronics, Lehman Optoelectronics, etc. are planning to expand packaging capacity to cope with the gradual Warmer market demand.

This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for domestic packaging equipment. At the same time, the price of LED packaging devices has fallen sharply, and the company's gross profit margin has continued to fall, which has led many companies to consider domestic equipment.

"Considering the expansion cost, more and more packaging companies are beginning to try domestic LED packaging equipment, and small and medium-sized LED packaging companies have begun to purchase domestic packaging equipment in bulk." Zhang Wei said that the packaging market has not increased profits. On the contrary, it provides a new market opportunity for domestic packaging equipment manufacturers.

Zhang Jiaxian, director of Ruifeng Optoelectronics Market, said that the company will try domestically produced equipment after the subsequent expansion, but will do the test first. If the stability is better, it will consider large-scale procurement.

Zhang Yucong, head of materials development at Hongli Optoelectronics Technology Center, said that the key link is to use imported equipment, while some auxiliary equipment, such as oven machines, dispensers, sprayers, and splitter tape machines, will consider adopting domestic equipment.

Wu prosperity said that the current solid crystal machine has begun to use domestic equipment, and the wire bonding machine needs to test for a while.

According to GLII research data, the overall sales volume of domestically produced front-end equipment solid crystal machines and wire bonding machines in the second half of 2012 has increased from 32% to 38%, and will exceed 50% in the next two years; back-end splitters and tape machines In 2012, the proportion of domestic production will reach more than 53%, and it is expected to reach more than 75% in the next two years.

Domestic equipment force

The packaging equipment is divided into a front section and a rear section. The front section is divided into a solid crystal machine, a wire bonding machine, and a dispensing machine; the latter section is divided into a beam splitting machine, an oven machine, a spraying machine, and the like. The die bonding machine and the wire bonding machine are one of the core devices of the entire LED packaging equipment.

The former equipment has high technical requirements. At present, imported equipment still dominates the market. However, due to price factors, the market share between domestic and imported equipment is changing.

Before 2010, solid crystal machines and wire bonding machines were mainly imported brands, especially high-end solid crystal machines. ASM occupied 90% of the market. In 2010, ASM packaging equipment sales amounted to 7.9 billion Hong Kong dollars (as shown in the table below), and the sales growth of ASM packaging equipment in the past two years has slowed down significantly. In 2011, it was only HK$6.5 billion, down 17.5% year-on-year. This data changed again in 2012. In the first half of 2012, ASM packaging equipment sales fell by 35.4% year-on-year.

In terms of dispensers, Musashi dispensing machines became popular in 2010, occupying the largest market share in the world. However, in the past two years, the price of Musashi dispensers has not changed much, and the market share has also shrunk. In sharp contrast, the market for domestic dispensing equipment has grown rapidly in the past two years.

At the same time, the domestic solid crystal machine began to rise rapidly, and the overall market share accounted for a rapid increase. Among the domestic equipment enterprises, Cuitao Automation, Xinyichang, Youguang and Dazu Optoelectronics are the enterprises with a large market share, accounting for about 70% of the domestic equipment.

In 2012, the total sales volume of Xinyichang solid crystal machine and wire bonding machine was about 1,100 units, with an output value of 210 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%. In 2011, the total sales volume of LED packaging equipment in Cui Tao was about 1,500 units, and in 2012 it was about 1800 units. Among them, wire bonding machines, solid crystal machines and dispensers accounted for the majority.

In the latter stage of equipment, due to the relatively low technical requirements and the low compatibility of different brands of equipment (one type of packaged device requires one device), the domestic equipment market is growing faster than the front-end equipment.

In the first half of 2012, imported LED spectrometers and tape machines mainly came from Japan Jiada, ASM, and Taiwan Changyu, which accounted for more than 75% of the imported equipment market share; among domestic equipment companies, Huateng Semiconductor and Zhongwei The four companies of Optoelectronics, Dazu Optoelectronics and Taiwan Industrial Electronics account for more than 50% of the domestic equipment market share.

Be wary of low price risk

Most of the increase in sales of domestic packaging equipment comes from the demand of small and medium-sized packaging companies. Large LED packaging companies are taking a try attitude and taking a wait-and-see attitude.

The sales growth of domestic packaging equipment is at the cost of price war.

According to GLI I data, the average price of domestic packaging equipment has fallen by 30%-40% in the past two years. Taking the solid crystal machine as an example, the average market price in the first two years was 300,000 yuan, and in 2012 it was 200,000 yuan, down 33.33%. (as shown in the table below)

At the same time, while domestic packaging equipment competes for price cuts, some imported packaging equipment manufacturers have begun to lower their positions, cut prices and make profits, and expect to maintain the original market share. The data shows that the average price of imported packaging equipment in 2012 has also dropped by 30%-40%, and the price of some models has even dropped by more than 50%.

Taking ASM as an example, in just one year, the price of the die bonder dropped from 250,000 to 180,000.

"ASM's anti-killing of prices has caused domestic equipment manufacturers to fall into a dilemma again. In order to seize market share, everyone has to continue to fight price wars." According to industry insiders, "In 2012, the entire packaging equipment market was caught in a never-ending chaos. status."

"High-tech LED" learned that in order to cope with the price war, some domestic equipment manufacturers began to relax the account period.

However, for the loose conditions of domestic equipment, some LED packaging companies do not buy it.

“The price is down, but the stability of the equipment is still a problem.” Zhang Jiaxian said that in addition to the price, the company is more concerned about the comprehensive factors such as performance and service.

Wu prosperity said that ASM equipment used for 5 years, basically no problem, but some domestic packaging equipment used problems for half a year, 3-5 years need to be depreciated. Therefore, in the view of packaging companies, although the original investment in purchasing domestic equipment is much lower than that of imported equipment, in the long run, the average annual cost of the enterprise is much higher than before.

What worries the company is that there are more newly established equipment companies on the market, and the stability of the equipment has not been tested and verified by the market.

"If domestic equipment manufacturers do not consider long-term technical investment and pay attention to equipment performance, after 3-5 years, once the equipment has problems, then it is the brand of the whole domestic packaging equipment." The above-mentioned people admitted.

Zhang Wei revealed that at present, the technical level of most domestic packaging equipment manufacturers, especially solid crystal and wire bonding machines, has remained at the level of previous years, and there is still a big gap with imported equipment.

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