Smart grid promotes development of clean energy industry

Smart grid promotes development of clean energy industry

While the development of smart grid technologies and the rapid increase in installed capacity of clean energy, statistics of relevant industry associations show that in 2013, the clean energy of China’s clean energy was over 30 billion kWh, and the huge amount of waste was shocking. The reason is that there are key technologies and standard systems. , incentives, market mechanisms, industrial systems, and other imperfect influences. For example, in the current state of technology and policy environment, in addition to the ability of hydropower to participate in market competition, most clean energy resources are characterized by high costs of development and utilization, discontinuous production, and relatively fragmented resources, and lack of competitiveness. At the same time, in the evaluation of resources, Product testing and certification standards, etc., can not meet the needs of the rapid development of the market, there is no support system for the development of clean energy industry.

However, the author believes that the root cause is that the planning and construction of clean energy is inconsistent with the planning and construction of the power grid. The construction of the power station and the construction of the outbound delivery channel are not synchronized, so that clean energy can not be quickly and effectively eliminated, and it can only be wasted at home.

The author suggests that we should first do a good job of planning ahead. The areas with potential for clean energy development will be included in the unified power grid construction plan, and the standards and policy systems will be gradually improved. Secondly, while the construction of transmission capacity will be strengthened, the development of system technology and equipment for "change allocation" will be carried out. Ensure the safe operation of the power grid, ensure "far-distance incoming calls, smooth all the way, efficient use"; again, promote the optimization and innovation of institutional mechanisms. Provides a basis for the delivery of more clean energy for long-distance transmission channels, and finds a more suitable direction for its operation. In addition, we can combine the current carbon trading pilot work to carry out large-scale long-distance channel construction for energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection and other aspects of the effectiveness of the assessment research, the results into the carbon trading market system and so on.

In the future, with the development of the clean energy industry, the benefits will be obvious, new areas of economic growth will be developed, economic transformation will be promoted, and economic development will be promoted in a circular and green direction. It can also optimize the energy structure, protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The air pollution that everyone cares about now is so serious. If cities in China fully promote clean energy, vehicles running on roads, household electricity, and industrial electricity all come from clean energy. The newly issued “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” sets The specific governance goals are not difficult to achieve.

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