The 11th Summit Forum: Cracking the LED lighting e-commerce dilemma

[High-tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] With the large-scale launch of the public and commercial LED lighting market and the rapid increase in the penetration rate of household lighting, the channel has become a battleground for lighting companies.

After traditional dealer channels, specialty store models and invisible channels, e-commerce has gradually become the "fourth channel" of the LED lighting industry. The rise of LEDs has led to the redistribution of lighting channel resources and created opportunities for latecomers.

As Zhang Xiaofei, chairman of Gaogong LED, said: “Electronics is launching a strong impact on the offline multi-level distribution system of traditional lighting, and has gradually evolved into an indispensable fourth channel for LED lighting companies, especially for those who originally E-commerce channels can be used as a magic weapon to open sales channels for companies that do not have the advantages of offline channel resources."

He also said that the development of e-commerce has brought about marketing changes in lighting channels. In particular, the rise of the mobile Internet has led to a omni-channel sales model across the entire network, which is profoundly changing the industrial landscape.

Enter the "LED" keyword in the e-commerce website, and immediately jump out of a bunch of LED Light sources and lamps, and also sort by brand, type, home decoration style, etc., some will also mark the color temperature, power, applicable space, etc., consumer choice It is very convenient, and online shopping is not restricted by geographical areas, and the radiation is wide.

“E-commerce is no longer a new concept for lighting companies. Now it has become a standard configuration. There are only a handful of e-commerce departments or companies that have not been exposed to e-commerce.” The lithographic lighting that has won the “Top Ten Internet Brands in the World” Yuan Guilin, general manager of Bee Network, said.

Recently, G20-LED Summit member Sunshine Lighting announced that it will add e-commerce channels in China this year, with a planned investment of 10-20 million yuan. The purpose of setting up e-commerce channels is mainly to develop its own brands.

The rise of e-commerce originated from the looting of dealer resources.

All of this is actually related to the share of different types of dealers in the channel. It can be seen that, including the monopoly channel, wholesalers account for a larger proportion of the entire channel. The dealer type itself is also undergoing changes in the scope of business. The emergence of LEDs has enabled the original dealers to expand their product lines, and the requirements for service levels of products and technologies have also increased accordingly. Some dealers of original electrical appliances and energy-saving lamps have also begun to join the LED market battle.

However, in order to truly embrace e-commerce, the LED industry must solve three major problems: brand awareness is not strong, profit sharing with distributors, and online and offline prices are unified. There is a long way to go.

Enterprises that have been deeply entrenched in the traditional entity field for a long time must get involved in e-commerce. First of all, they must use Internet thinking to rethink the business model of the enterprise, and then they can stand out in the e-commerce era.

Under the trend of network consumption, LED network marketing should face two development directions in the future: First, it must establish a brand and know how to use branded media to spread the brand. Second, LED products must be more and more creative, scale and personalized. The only way to go.

Lu Weidong, general manager of Yuanhui Optoelectronics China, said that for the emerging model of e-commerce, it is necessary to consider whether it is suitable for its product structure and customer positioning. In addition, the O2O model derived from e-commerce will not be suitable for professional channels in the future.

"The e-commerce channel is the future trend. Now many companies are doing it, but this does not mean that every enterprise is suitable for it." He Wenming, chairman of Wanbang Optoelectronics, a member of the G20-LED Lighting Summit, did not stand on this issue, but He also said that he is good at doing things, but he needs to do it as early as possible.

In order to succeed in the channel transformation, enterprises must finally understand their core competitiveness. Where is your demand, you can't do anything, product positioning, channel concept should be clear, not what others do, how do you do it.

On June 10th, the 11th High-tech LED Industry Summit held in conjunction with Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will invite global industry professionals to gather at the Shangri-La Hotel, Pazhou, Guangzhou to discuss the industry situation in 2014 and discuss the future of the industry. Trend.

Among them, in the "LED lighting channel marketing reform" special session in the afternoon of the conference, the participating guests will jointly discuss the hot issues such as channel transformation and brand establishment in the LED lighting industry.

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