Emperor refrigerator, super high quality and safe winter

Winter is the low peak period used by the refrigerator. Especially in the northern part of China, the sudden drop in indoor temperature caused by timed heating will affect the stable operation of the refrigerator. It is not advisable to deactivate the refrigerator in the winter - it will lose the life of the refrigerator. Nowadays, the refrigerator products of the international high-end home appliance brand DIQUA can fully cope with the various problems of winter refrigerator use. With its exquisite craftsmanship and “smart” performance, the Emperor refrigerator not only ensures smooth operation in the harsh winter environment, but also allows consumers to enjoy quality life more comfortably.

The Imperial Refrigerator is a “all-weather type refrigerator” that covers the four major climate types in which China is located. At the time of purchase, consumers can easily find T, ST, N, and SN logos representing tropical, subtropical, temperate, and subtemperate climate types on their factory labels. During the normal operation, the five temperature probes distributed inside and outside the refrigerator will sense the temperature from time to time, and then adjust the internal temperature of the refrigerator through a computer program to keep the inside of the refrigerator at a constant temperature. In July and November 2012, as the designated product of the national two-level expedition team, the Emperor refrigerator with the "Snow Dragon" scientific research ship went to the two extreme scientific research to provide logistical support. The two trips spanned the four climatic zones and stayed in the Antarctic for three months. The ability to adapt to extreme weather is evident.

Consumers in northern China, especially in the Northeast, are accustomed to using refrigerators in winter. Many people feel that this will not only allow the refrigerator to rehabilitate, but also save a large amount of electricity bills. In fact, this practice is far more harmful than good. It is estimated that the power consumption of refrigerators in winter is only about 1/3 of that in summer, and the intelligent system of high-end brand products like Didu refrigerator can control the start and stop of compressors according to factors such as temperature change, food quantity and number of doors. The supply of cold - compared to the more energy-efficient! If the refrigerator is left on hold for a long time, the internal parts will not be lubricated. When spring starts again, it will be abnormal due to lack of maintenance, moisture intrusion, etc., affecting the life of the refrigerator. In addition, when the tilt angle is more than 45° when moving the idle refrigerator, the lubricating oil in the compressor may enter the air suction box to cause the heat dissipation capability of the refrigerator to decrease. Excessive tilting will cause the compressor to displace and the spring to be unhooked.

Another benefit of not having to deactivate the refrigerator in winter is to enjoy a cool drink safely! In most parts of the north, the indoor temperature is higher in winter, and the local area should be maintained above 22 degrees Celsius. When you eat hot pot, casserole, and barbecue at such a high room temperature, you will definitely need a cool beer or drink to cool down. Beer and beverages in glass bottles are prone to bursting in the frozen layer or outdoors. In this regard, the Emperor refrigerator provides a practical "smart refrigeration and quick cooling" technology. It can increase the supply of cold storage in the refrigerator in a short period of time, and the temperature of the refrigerator can be quickly lowered to 2 °C. This efficient concentration of air-conditioning will fully cool beer and other beverages in the shortest time frame, without worrying about the danger of quick-frozen beverages.

To evaluate the quality of the refrigerator, it is necessary to examine its freezing and fresh-keeping properties, and also to consider the materials and workmanship. The Emperor refrigerator uses a sturdy and wear-resistant tempered glass panel; interiors such as liners and drawers use high-quality HIPS, GPPS and other top-grade environmentally friendly materials; handles, hinges and other details are more humane and better. Under the control of the world's most stringent Six Sigma quality management standards, Didu Refrigerator has set a new benchmark for quality in the mid- to high-end category of the Chinese refrigerator industry.

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